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Why "Be True"?

Apr 19th 2011 at 12:37 PM

How many times have you been targeted by flashy ads, funny commercials and outrageous claims all in the name of “your best interest”? I can say for sure, I have been a target and a victim of this kind of advertising. In the summer of 2010, as I was looking for a way to add a second stream of income to my massage therapy practice, I fell into the world of internet marketing. I was enrolled with a network marketing company and looking for a way to help me promote the business. What I learned is there are many different types of internet/network marketers out there. Basically, I’ll put them into 3 categories:

  1. Marketers with great opportunities for the right person. These people love the business they are in and will be honest and open about the opportunity. They will help you understand the company history, products and compensation plans. Mostly, they have good intentions and will not try to talk you into something if you do not fit the profile of what they are looking for to join their team. They will also spend a lot of time training their team and you might feel like this is someone you could build a relationship with.
  2. Marketers who will try to “sell” you on their opportunities or “systems”. They are in the business of selling to anyone who will buy, even if it is not a good fit. You are not even sure if they are actually using the products they are selling, and the claims are hard to believe. Many will be in the business of selling systems, where you are not even sure what the product is. They will tell you “this is easy, anyone can do it”. You feel a sense of urgency and nervousness. The pitch is full of hype. You might feel like you are being talked into an opportunity without really understanding it completely. Something inside tells you to RUN!
  3. Marketers who are flip-flopping all over the place. They are promoting the “next best thing” and don’t ever mention the last thing they were promoting. This type will try to win you over, but will jump ship if the business does not grow fast enough for them. This one has the potential to leave you with no support, or enrolling you in some other “perfect biz”. You might not recognize this one right away, as some can juggle many things at one time.

Admittedly,  I am only one year into network marketing. And yes, I did move away from my first company to one I felt fit perfectly with my core values. How did I know the other company wasn’t for me? In short, it didn’t feel natural to talk to others about it, and some of the claims made turned out to be false. I would suggest that most marketers have a little of each of the above categories in their personality. Question is, how much of the good and how much of the bad?

No one is perfect, and no one company is perfect. What is important is that the internet/network marketer Be True to their word, have integrity and not try to scam anyone. It is also important that the network marketing company being considered has a solid track record, products that the representative can be proud to use and stand behind, and that the relationships are built on trust and honesty.

After several months of meeting all kinds of marketers, I decided that I would only work with those people and those companies that share my core values. I will not promote a product or an opportunity that I do not believe in. It is my goal to offer information about how to Build a Wellness Business With Integrity that will enrich our lives and help others. Please contact me to set up a time to talk.

Be Well, Be True :)

~ Amy


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Sep 30th 2011 at 9:24 PM by LonnieG
Great insight, Amy. In the fast changing world in which we now live it IS more difficult to "be true" to your program(s)over extended periods of time. So choosing carefully can help minimize the mismatches. ~LonnieG
Jul 3rd 2011 at 12:30 PM by somted
cool......i like your article

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