Jul 11th 2010 at 2:09 PM

Is This America’s Wake-Up Call?

The pot is on and the coffee is brewing. Do you smell the aroma as it wafts through your home? “Wake up and smell the coffee” has become downright serious. It’s no longer a funny cliche’ but its meaning has risen to a whole new level. The meaning of course is that whatever the situation is right now, the time has come to pay attention. It’s time to make more money!

Until our Economy went South many people were getting by on their salaries and some were actually doing pretty well if they were frugal and stayed out of debt. Many of us even managed to save a little money for our futures. At this moment those days seem to be over for all but a few. Of course (we hope) our Economy will recover but the question is; what will most people do in the meantime?

One of the smartest things you can do in rough economic times is starting your own home business. It’s just logical. Not making enough money from your J-O-B? (Some call it “Just over broke.”) Sick and tired of counting pennies and “borrowing from Peter to pay Paul?” Hey, right now even Peter seems to be broke!

Here’s the bottom line. Anyone who wants the best for themselves and their families has to begin thinking and planning in a whole new way. Times have changed and those who don’t change with the times will be left behind. There’s Just NO Time to Wait!

Okay, So What Kind of Home Business?

There are many, many different kinds of home businesses. You could be a dog walker, turn your home into a daycare center, work as a bookkeeper for other companies and the list goes on and on. For many businesses you’ll need certain skills and will have to do lots of advertising and searching to find clients who need your services. You’ll be competing with many people in the same field who are calling the same companies you’re calling.

Many people have at one time or another “tried” Network Marketing. When I say “tried,” that’s exactly what I mean. They gave it a somewhat wimpy attempt and when they didn’t get rich in a month they quit. Literally millions of people over the years have gotten into Network Marketing and dropped out within a few months. Of course they blamed the company, their up-line or whatever or whomever they could. Naturally it wasn’t their fault or so they believed.

The truth is that “try” is a LIE. No one who starts a business and quits within two months has given it much energy at all. When someone puts out that little effort they may as well have done nothing. If you make a little effort you are going to get little or no result.

If you’re working a “regular job” for someone else and the company is in the sales industry, do you think if no sales were being made the owner would say; “Oh well, let’s just shut it down, nobody is buying” after being in business just two months? Don’t you think they’d kick the advertising up a notch and have you get on the phone and start calling prospects? They absolutely would. Their business is their life! And now having a home business just might be YOUR life, and a great one at that.

There are more millionaires in Network Marketing than in ANY other industry. You can work from the comfort of your home, sitting at your desk in front of your computer and all you’ll need is to find the business that gets you excited, follow the lead of the person that brought you into the business and be prepared to work. AND find a system that can duplicate your efforts.

“The only place you will find success before work is in the dictionary.”
May V. Smith

Truer words were never spoken. Your home business can be the very thing that saves your family from financial ruin. It can do even more than that. It could build a firm financial fortress that will support you for the rest of your life. A home business gives you the freedom not only financially, but the freedom to do exactly what you want when you want to do it! How would that feel?

Tony Robbins says having lots of money “buys moments.” He tells a story about reaching a point in his life when he had more money than he ever thought he’d have. One of his daughters was having a birthday and she wanted to go to a rock concert to see her favorite singer. He was able to rent a limo, buy the tickets for his daughter and eight of her best friends then took them to dinner and to the concert in First Class style. He said the joy he saw on his daughter’s face gave him have one of the happiest moments of his life.

Is This One of Those Pyramid Schemes?

When people think Network Marketing is just a scam or what a lot of people call “a pyramid,” then they’re just uninformed. Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki devote a whole chapter to Network Marketing in their new book. Sly Stallone and his wife are involved in the industry. Joe Vitale and Jack Canfield, best-selling authors and stars of the blockbuster movie The Secret are in Network Marketing.

Dr. Charles King teaches a course on Network Marketing at the University of Chicago. How many of you think a University would teach a class on how to scam people? More and more folks are finally getting it. They now understand the Industry and how powerful it can be if you work it smart.

The bottom line is this; either you find a way to make more money or you will not financially survive what’s happening in America today. We need to work together and create ways to support each other in becoming financially secure. Or even better yet, downright wealthy!

“Quitters Are Losers.”
Donald Trump

Pretty harsh words from “The Donald,” yet completely true because those who quit without giving it all they’ve got live as victims of everything. I’m sure you know people who blame their plight on everything from their childhood to their parents, their bosses, their lot in life or whatever excuse they can come up with. They work harder at not taking responsibility than they would if they’d find a way to change their circumstances.

There’s NO Time to Waste

Right now at this very moment there has never been a time in history when more people needed to make money and were looking for a way out of their financial dilemma. Not only is this the perfect time for you to learn how to start and run a successful home business, but you have millions of people just waiting for someone like you to contact them and help them do the same. Imagine how great you’d feel if you were making thousands more per month and helping others do the same.

We can all turn a negative economy into a one positive for ourselves and those we help. The mortgage fiasco, rising gas and utility prices will have no effect on you when you’re making enough money. You can make yourself “recession proof!” Prepare yourself to move up to the “Winner’s Circle!”

Have you always dreamed of living more than an average and ordinary life? Would you like a change that will lift you up to a higher level in lifestyle and ability? Would you like to control your destiny instead of allowing others to decide your fate?

Our community of entrepreneurs is 100% committed to delivering what we promise by cutting through the hype and outrageous claims we’ve all heard before. None of us can succeed unless we help YOU succeed. How’s that for a business model?

Have you ever heard of a Master Mind Alliance? If not then get on or go to your local bookstore and buy Think and Grow Rich. It’s a book that has been around for decades and the most successful people in the world still read it and recommend it. There must be a reason its’ still so popular and relevant. Get your hands on it and find out the secrets the millionaires of the world have always known.

It’s time for all of us every day, average people to learn the secrets of success and end the day-to-day rat race of working a “regular job” for someone else and being at their mercy. Wouldn’t you love to learn a whole new way of living?

With your own home business YOU’RE the CEO. You decide how much money you are capable of earning and make the commitment to yourself to find a home business, become an expert at what you’re doing and build a beautiful and prosperous future for yourself.

“But I can’t afford to start a home business!”

That would come under the heading, EXCUSES! When someone says that to me, I tell them they can’t afford NOT to! Look, everyone and I mean everyone has someone who would be willing to lend you the money to get started if they believe you are sincere or even partner with you!

But guess what? In most Network Marketing opportunities you can get started with only a few hundred dollars at most and you can even begin your advertising campaign on a smaller scale until you begin making money, then ramp it up as much as you can every month until the money starts getting serious! Until you are making a few thousand dollars per month, put as much of what you make back into your business. Once you have all your monthly expenses covered THEN begin playing with a little of that wonderful extra cash.

You’re the BOSS!

Just don’t forget the number ONE rule. “Pay yourself FIRST!” After expenses, begin saving a minimum of 10% of everything you make. As your income rises increase it to 20%, 30%, 50% and you’ll still have everything you need to live on, enough to buy new furniture, take vacations, purchase a new vehicle or whatever your heart desires!

Speaking of that, what DOES your heart desire? What would an extra $1,000, $2,000, $5,000 or even tens of thousands of extra money per month do for you? What is your dream for yourself and your family? Think about it. Write it down in a notebook. Write down something new every day. Read it every day. Visualize having it every day. Imagine having it NOW. That’s how you make things happen. That’s how you attract the good things you want to your life.

Have you seen the movie; The Secret? How about; The Moses Code? Have you read any of Joe Vitale’s books like; The Attractor Factor?” Read books on success and how to achieve it. There have been lots of people that put down the movie ‘The Secret’ by saying; “Oh, just visualizing having something doesn’t work!” Well, that’s right. Visualizing it alone is not the answer.

The answer is in believing you have it NOW! Here’s the next step: Take ACTION and you’ll begin to see things in your life shifting for the better. When you take action, things begin to happen and you begin to attract your desires to you.

You may have to make a few temporary sacrifices if you even want to call them sacrifices. Give up a few hours of television or just quit watching it altogether until you have created the income you want from your home business.

When you think about it, what benefits do you really get from watching a big “brain-sucking” screen? Does it help you pay for gas? Does it pay your house payment or buy food. Of course not! AND it’s created a world of children and young adults that have the fitness of people 20 years their senior!

Commit to certain hours you’ll work your business and keep your promises to yourself. Sit down with your family and let them know you’re doing it for the good of the family and you’re asking for their support. After all, you’re not working a second or third job away from the house. You’re just a room away from them and they should be excited at the prospect of more money coming into the family bank account! And I’m sure your bank account will be equally as grateful.

Create a Home Office Space

If you have a spare room you can use for a home office, that’s fantastic! If you have to set up a desk and computer in the corner of your bedroom or den that’s going to be just fine until you can afford to either add on to your home or better yet, buy a bigger one with the money you make becoming a home business mogul!

Become Psychologically Unemployable

Jeff Combs is an internationally recognized Speaker and Success Trainer. He talks about how he’s worked for himself for so long he could never work for anyone else again. YOU can live a life of freedom and success if you truly want to. I’ve been doing it for twenty years and I’d be the most horrible employee in the world if I ever had to work for anyone else again.

That’s why I love working from home. I only have myself to answer to! Believe me, the most important thing about a home business besides the money is this; FREEDOM. The freedom to do what you want and when you want to do it feels fantastic. Imagine having the freedom to live your life on YOUR terms.

Even if you have a home business right now yet aren’t making as much money as you would like, you can turn it around. Many people quit because they seem to have challenges duplicating their efforts. Sometimes getting those you introduced and recruited into your business to take action can be difficult. If you don’t have a system to help them learn what they need to do to build their businesses it can be nearly impossible.

Most people just don’t know how to get out of the starting gate. If they get discouraged and don’t see any results they’ll drop out faster than they came in. I’ve also heard horror stories from people who have spent thousands of dollars advertising their business and gotten no results. That’s because they advertised in the wrong place or were not spending their advertising dollars wisely.

Fortunately for all of us, the answer to those challenges has arrived. SponsorDaddy is a comprehensive, plug-and-play and fully-customizable Home Business Management System designed for any home-based entrepreneur, whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned professional. It’s your Virtual Employee. It will help you build one or several businesses at the same time. “Multiple Streams of Income” is exactly what SponsorDaddy is designed to manage for you.

SponsorDaddy will train people new to the Home Business Industry. It will train those already in the business with new and innovative ideas and systems. It will change the way you do business and help you put your business on overdrive.

Imagine having all the tools you will ever need at your fingertips. Think about how great you’ll feel being able to bring a new person into your business and knowing there’s a system that will literally train them for you! The only thing you’ll need to do is plug them into your own company training calls and teach them the ins and outs of your specific business product or service.

It’s a whole new world in the home business arena and you’ve found the Mother Lode! With SponsorDaddy you’ll be introducing people to the classiest and most professional business building platform ever created.

“Most people’s lives are nothing more than the realization of a promise they made to themselves.”
Dov Baron

So with that, make another promise to yourself. Promise you’ll make the decision to either get into a home business or re-commit to the one you have now. Promise yourself that “Quitting is NOT an option.”

Only you can free yourself from the shackles that working for someone else has put on nearly every American since the Industrial Age. The world is changing and we must be prepared to change with it. Create your own reality. Create something wonderful for your whole family. Create abundance, success, wealth and freedom.

Speaking of the Industrial Age, Did you know that the 21st century is being called “The Entrepreneurial Age?” Don’t just sit back and watch it happen, be a part of it! Join us and be a pioneer in a new age of success and wealth that could be yours NOW!

People just like you have the potential to earn a substantial income from the comfort of your home. It is happening in your community right now and in communities around the world.

Every day you have the right to make choices. Good choices or bad. You must decide. Make the decision today that will positively impact your family, your life and your future. Don’t look back and wish you had, just be glad you did!

See the brilliance . . .

Drive the system built for YOU!

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