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I am full time laborer who is working towards full time marketer.
Some of my interest include fishing,biking,crafts,music, and spending time with my family.
Through my marketing efforts not only am I interested in giving more to the things I really love but I am also interested in showing others just like myself how they can do this as well
gregg | gregg
Hello Everyone!Look forward to meeting new Friends and taking EVERYONE with me to the 10k club. First article below "Who's coming with me? Feel free to drop a line Hope your day is GREAT!

Who's coming with me

Nov 16th 2010 at 9:42 PM

Everyone out here is looking for a better way. A better way to live,a better way to our finances,a better way to secure our families lives.
It can be tough sometimes but We all have different motivational factors that keep us inspired. One of the first things I was told when I first started working for myself
was It is was good to create a list of the reasons why you want to succeed online. Then I was told to read this list every day,twice if you had to. This list should be able to
motivate you to tears. If your why makes you cry you'll find it harder to quit when the going gets tough. Below is a few things a lot of us could probably add to our lists if it isn't already there:

* Being able to work at home full time. No more commute and no more boss. Feeling sick? Take the day off.
Your time is YOURS! This is one of the main reasons people want to work for themselves and with the internet this is becoming a reality to more and more people everyday.

* How about having enough income to not only cover the bills but enough to actually go out an enjoy LIFE! Imagine how nice it would feel to take our wife or family out any night or every night
to just do whatever you felt like doing and not worry about beating your next check to the bank. This is one at the top of my WHY list.

* Having your home paid for free and clear or building your own. I always imagine how cool it would be to walk into my mortgage lenders office and not only pay off my mortgage but to watch him sweat as I held my money until he hands me the title to my home.

* Here's a cool one. Surprising your kids with that ONE GIFT that just always seemed a little to expensive. What would that do for your heart to watch the expression in there face and eyes as you give them there gift. PRICELESS! On top of that you could then go and put enough money into an account to cover there college someday.

* Taking your dream vacation.  A warm beach in Mexico, The Vineyards in Italy, an exotic cruise. My dream is to wake up on a tuesday,get everyone together and just go. we will decide on our way there!

* How about charities. Imagine how good it would feel not only having enough to provide well for your family but being able to actual give BIG to someone else in need.

* Being able to actually invest in yourself and have retirement money to look forward to.

This list just suggests some things that would not only motivate you but to actually give a goal. The main point is to a have list of whys that NO MATTER WHAT will keep you going. As all of us know working for yourself can be tough,especially in the beginning.
Create a dream list and then NO MATTER WHAT read it daily to help you see why the Mountains that will come will have to move. Your whys were much bigger.
The subconscious mind works in an amazing way. Anything you do starts there. 
By Reading through this list daily You will literally program yourself to attract  what you want it to achieve. Keep doing this and you will be amazed by how quickly your dreams will be pulled into reality.
Myself I am still  little new to the marketing game but I am set on my Why's and I will keep working on not only bringing my why's into reality but also on Helping every single person like myself to see that they can do it to!

To Your Success, 

Gregg Gardner 

PS - Our Team is busy helping others help each other reach the 10k a month club within the next year

We would love for you to join us!

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Nov 17th 2010 at 8:38 AM by gerardoantonio
gerat you must be a huge father..visit my educational-social network fre register and post what ever you want..including videos about parenting or as a counselor.

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