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Who Needs A Mentor?

Feb 15th 2011 at 9:22 AM

That was my battle cry 3 years ago when I was a complete newbie, how dare you even suggest I need a mentor because there's nothing that has been invented by man that I can't figure out on my own besides they think they know it all. What an ironic statement. So what happened? I lumbered on in the cyberspace sea like a man on a makeshift raft in Shark infested waters, I was as gullible as could be and before I knew it money was flying out from my credit card and I had no idea who was taking it, when they were taking it and why they were taking it. But who needs a mentor? Surely not I. This insanity went on until things got so bad that I had to change my credit card number and figure out how to stop the automatic withdrawls from my PayPal account. Looking back, I was fair game for the weasels, show me a site that had money raining down from Heaven, a big boat, bikini clad women, a sportscar, a mansion and I was all in, hey, that could be me in a matter of weeks, I too could make a million in my robe. I was like a toddler walking accross a busy highway.

Finally, I saw the futility of my ways and began to take the advice of a few people I respected online, I fashioned my blogging technique from watching Seth Godin whom by the way still answers my e-mails even though he's a big shot now with best sellers all over the place and earning mega bucks for speaking for an hour. I found a great mentor who I could relate to and who could relate to me, everyone who calls themselves a mentor isn't cut out for it. A true mentor has to have the patience of a saint and an even temper because a complete online newbie has the ability to drive a person insane. Now I have a pretty good mentor in my chosen Home Business and I call him my Sensei, Google it you'll see the meaning. When he reads this post he'll probably laugh. One of the main things you learn when you mentor someone is that, you were them at one time. I'm looking foward to the time when someone asks me to mentor them. It'll just be my luck that this person will be a carbon copy of ME, thats what I get. Who said God didn't have a sense of humor?

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