Which Internet Technology hasn't changed in over 15 years?

Jul 24th 2010 at 1:44 AM

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Greetings KOOIII Friends and Members-


Did you know that there's (1) One major Internet technology that hasn't

changed much in the last 15 plus years?

My name is Ken Lacy, and I've been blessed to have worked in the IT Industry for many years now.

I first began my IT career as an Instructor at the Community College in the pic below, then went on to work as a Computer Specialist and Program Administrator for a local Non Profit orginazation. 

And presently, I provide contract Tech Support for various State and Federal agencies.

Having spent over 15 years in the IT industry, I've witnessed many remarkable changes in the Advancement of both Hardware, and Software technologies that have made signaficant impacts in the way we do our jobs on a daily basis.

However, up until NOW there's (1) One Internet technology (that many of us use Daily), and have probably take for granted, that Hasn't changed much in over 15 Years?

Can YOU guess what it is?

Well, I'm about to share it with you!

 Just Check out this short video that I made about the Evolution of Technology.

Then ask yourself, "How is it that I never thought of or heard about this before"?

So, Now that you've watched the video, my question to you is, WHAT are you going to do about using "Out Dated" email technology?

As for me, I've already changed the way I do email, and I'm now inviting Everyone here to take a look at this Awesome New technology.

 Video email is an Easy, Affordable and Time Saving Solution for todays Busy Professionals.

It now just takes me a few minutes to "Shoot" a quick video email and send it as opposed to "Several" minutes the old fashion way, because like many of you, I am NOT skilled typist, or writer.

In fact, I REALLY hate writing...

But, I CAN "Talk my BUTT off", so video email is a Perfect fit for me. Lol


It's now up to YOU to decide if "Traditional" Text based email is STILL right for you,

Or maybe it's time to "At Least" investigate an alternative solution to your email needs.

After all, Which would you prefer to do?

1- Talk- (Using your PC and a Web Cam to create
    Easy, Eye Appealing, Rich Content Video emails)...


2- Type- (Bang out emails The OLD, BORING, DULL 
    way with Text and maybe a few Graphics)...


3- Watch- (View Full Color, Attention Grabbing Multi 
    Media Video emails)...




Seems Like a "No-Brainer", huh?

Video email is Fun, Easy, Affordable, AND Profitable.

What's In Your InBox $$$

For a FREE Demo Video email enter your info below-

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Aug 25th 2010 at 4:48 PM by teach91
@igytomas- the first attempt at this article had a video that "mysteriously disappeared from my server- h'mmm Anyway, I'm re-posting, but also still tweaking, so constructive comments are always welcome Cheers...
Aug 24th 2010 at 2:47 AM by igytomas
What happened to the article on those 4 questions? :)

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