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Of all that I do and all that I have tried throughout the years I find that I really enjoy anything Creative. From drawing & writing to web design & product creation - I just love to create. I have been online for so many years and have seen so many changes; it’s really a joy to be involved in projects that can change the world & what we do every day, in so many ways.

Somehow, I have a feeling that there are certain places we need to be in order to position ourselves for \\\'the next big thing\\\' and I am working hard to be in the very middle of it all.

As a professional writer I have had the joy of writing for some great people and great outlets both online & off. It brings me great joy to read comments from readers whether good or bad, its great to get responses to your work.

The Examiner is my favorite place, aside from IM Faceplate of course, and my page can be found at - I hope you will visit my articles, they are 100% original and are not the same as the ones posted here.

If you would like to use my articles on your sites, please just contact me directly, there is no cost - just a link somewhere.

I am also available for product creation and product/site reviews. Please send me an email or contact me here if you would like me to create something for your site(s).

Article marketing, search engines, optimization, even guaranteed visitors, none of this is going to help you make a living if you are always 2 steps behind the money makers, join various networks and leverage yourself with a community of professionals who DO know what they are doing and will be happy to help you along the way. Stay away from anyone who tells you it’s right now or never! Fact is, if you approach those same people tomorrow with cash in hand, 9 out of 10 will NOT turn you away. Think about what you join and where you spend your valuable time.

Finally, I am always happy to help fellow community members, so if you are in need of articles, help with your blog or someone to maintain for you, just contact me. There are many ways that I can help and absolutely will!

Liz Calamusa | wp217
Im really excited because I am putting together my first 100% original traffic & marketing package complete with checklists, tracking sheets, and so much more!! Also original reports!

Where can I find new customers and grow my list?

Oct 16th 2011 at 9:04 PM

Let's face it, you can have the most advanced, most expensive, and most impressive website in the entire Internet world, but if you have no visitors it doesn't matter and never will. In order to be successful you will need customers/readers flowing constantly to your site then you can use that fancy website to turn them into loyal clients.

So where do you find those elusive customers? There are many ways to drive free traffic on a regular basis but no matter what you must be creative in order to stand out from all of the others buying for the attentions of that traffic.

Some of the most effective methods of traffic generation in Internet marketing today include the following;

1. Social networking -- everyone knows about Twitter and Facebook but what about Tumbler or Posterous? While the membership numbers may be smaller they can actually be far more effective since they work on a more personal level. There are so many great networks available in almost every niche imaginable. Take advantage of these smaller sites by posting, commenting, and helping new members as they begin their journey.

2. Bookmarking sites -- sites like StumbleUpon and reddit allow you to bookmark or recommend your site to others in network. Bookmarking site user members can be in the millions so once again, you should take advantage of the more personal system.


3. and 4. E-mail blasters - both free and paid blasters are available. This method can be hit or miss but I have personally enjoyed great success with GMail Extreme and Galaxy Traffic both of which are paid services run by Global Ad Solutions.

Each of these blasters hits 25 - 50 million recipients so just a 1% return can mean big money. **I am currently obtaining the information for these submitters including the free ones, so that you can also join, it should only be a day or two so please, check back or email me directly.

In addition Global Ad Solutions offers more than 30 free blasters each of which reach 10,000 hungry recipients and can be used multiple times in a day. The best things about these blasters is that you can never be accused of spamming because the mailings come from Global Ad servers and are only delivered to double opt ins.

5. Forum and blog comment posting - when done ethically can be time-consuming but very effective. If you are knowledgeable on the subject you can comment or help answer questions which are then reviewed by others within the network who will hopefully then decide to check out your site as well. The added benefit is that when search engines crawl that blog or forum they will also be led to crawl your site through the backlink left within your comment. The additional crawling will create a natural rise in ratings on all search engine's.

6. Joining JV giveaways - will help you to grow a massive list with the right giveaway. Some of the best names in Internet marketing run several events per year with each only lasting around two weeks but bringing in thousands of new registered e-mail list members.

For October 2011 I would recommend the Halloween JV giveaway and The Hillbilly Giveaway. Last years events brought me a bump of 2000 names (each) to my active list and supplied me with more than enough freebies to give away to my new list.

7. Vlogging or posting video on YouTube and others -- still one of the hottest marketing methods is the online video. Whether blog or instructional, there is still a huge huge hungry market for videos. Make sure you offer embedded code for each installment so that others can and will use it on their own pages. This will in effect bring in more viewers and gives you more backlinks creating natural growth.

The most effective way to use this information is to combine these different methods and constantly change to keep up. Remember that as you find success others will try to emulate you and will therefore render your methods useless and require more change in order to stay on top. It is a constant struggle, but it can be done so don't give up.

Until next time, here's to your success!

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