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When It Is Time for Medication

Oct 12th 2015 at 12:06 AM

Medical advancements have made it possible to heal and treat a lot of bad health conditions these days. Although the symptoms may not go away completely, there is certainly an improvement seen when the medical prescription is precise and given by an experienced doctor. It is based on his judgement what quantity of which drug is to be prescribed to you for optimum results. Neither too much nor too little, there needs to be the perfect quantity that you need to consume. Standard units of measurement have made it possible to apply them to medicines on a universal scale. Now there is no need of “two teaspoons of this syrup and a pinch of that powder” – now everything in the medication world is measured in grams, milligrams and millilitres. Even things like nasal spray come with special nozzles that spray out certain measured mL of medicine in your nose. This is how far things have progressed in this industry.

Unit dose packaging is the name given to this measured quantity medicine that is packed into special covers. This makes it easy for you to extract medicine, and forget about teaspoons and pinches. “Unit dose” literally means one-time dose. One bubble in the unit dose pack carries a certain amount of milligrams of medicine that is prescribed by the doctors for consumption. The effectiveness of medicine has increased drastically due to this invention. It is not a surprise to learn that unit dose packaging idea was a smash hit. There are basically two most prominent kinds of packaging in the pharmaceutical industry. One is blister packaging. No, this packaging does not cause blisters. The truth is that this is the most popular type of packaging available out there. Using the technique of thermoforming on a sheet of plastic, cavities can be created on it which hold your measured tablet – one in each cavity. When this is done, a film of foil-like material is super-glued on to the open face of the plastic pack in which the tablets are kept. The best thing about blister packs is that they preserve the medicine in a much better way. They prevent it from weather conditions, from being consumed by children and accidents like this. Medicine can be extracted with the foil pop action.

Another unit dose packaging mode is skin packaging. It is commonly called skin pack. This is also unit dose packaging, but it is not a blister pack. It uses the tearing action to open it. It is usually made from foil that is easily torn by applying suitable force, and stays intact while in transit. The method to manufacture skin packs does not involve any preforming process. It is efficient and easy. This kind of packaging is preferred because it takes up very little space in storage. It requires space even lesser than blister packs. The medical store owners are able to stack up more skin packs than blister packs, which is good for business.

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