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Whats In It For Me

Aug 30th 2011 at 10:23 AM

If your a network marketer and you have a downline than you have heard these words more than once. In fact you have seen it in practice more often than not. However if you are successful and you have a large downline than I would bet you know all too well whats in it for you. You have learned that it takes a ton of giving of your time and money to have reached success. All the while not complaining whats in it for me.

There are many practices of giving in life. Those that have the art of giving down, really giving with their hearts, never looking at giving with a what do I get in return attitude, well I am pretty sure your lives are fullfilled. You never worry your self about what am I going to receive you just instinctively know that all will work out well and that the world is still spinning on its axis correctly.

I spend a great deal of time teaching others to fish. More often than not all the while hearing whats in it for me, and I need to say to those that continue with that attitude never learn to fish. Why? Because the work in and of itself is too hard for them. Not that they can't do it, no because they simply refuse to work that hard. There is an old saying you can lead a horse to water...... The truth is so simple yet for those that have never been taught this simple principal the answer seems to allude them. No matter how many different ways you try to explain it they never see the forrest through the trees. They just do not understand that when you give of your time freely, when you give without looking for any return the reward is so great you never see it coming.

You see giving freely is the same as unconditional love when you truely give it without conditions it is returned 10 fold. You will receive many times over what you give. It will come in all shapes and sizes but come it will. I know when your up at 2am and you all alone it may not seem like it. I know when working a 16 hour day yet again it may not seem like it. Yet if you ask any mother she would tell you it really is worth it. Ask any successful entrepuener they will tell you the same. All the long hard work, all the phone calls all the listening and teaching does pay off in the end.

I started on this road of internet marketing over 6 years ago. It has been an adventure. There have been many long nights, many 7 day work weeks and many fun times put to the side all in an effort to work from home and become successful. Would I like riches beyond my wildest dreams. Of course I would however that has never been the first goal. My first goal was to quit the rat race. I felt I had done it long enough with little reward. I made terrific money in the corporate world. It was not fullfilling. It left me empty. Today I am successful at home. I work long hours sometimes but they are because I want to. I help many people on the internet and over half of them have nothing to do with my business. Thats okay someone helped me, some never even knew they were. Others gave it freely I am grateful to them. I help many as well that are in the same business as me but are not in my downline. Thats okay too they need the help and I do not mind. Hopefully they will pass it on.

They made a movie about paying in forward many years ago. It was are terrific movie and it inspired many. Unfortunately in this world though all too often you run into the folks looking for the what is in it for me mentality all too often. I say to you when you are faced with these types learn to let them go. Do not allow them to take your joy from you. My grandma always said misery loves company. What I know for sure so does success. So does being postive. When you have success, when you are fullfilled, when life is going good for you. Others want to join you. So learn to let the negative people go and embrace the ones that are postive and want what you have. I know I am not where I want to be yet. I also know I am well on my way. Every month I get one more step closer. I enjoy what I do and I am fullfilled. I get up every morning and I am thankful that I do not have to get in my car and fight traffic on my way to work. My home is my office. I am successful in every sense of the word and I am grateful for it. Heres to your success, get rid of the whats in it for me attitude and you will be surprised what shows up and out. Have a terrific day.

Cindy Slick

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