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What's Best For You?

Nov 4th 2010 at 7:47 PM

I think we all miss something when marketing business opportunities and that is the important fact that everything is not for everybody.

You may feel, actually, you should feel that your business opportunity is the best one available, that’s why you got involved, but what is never said is that your business opportunity isn’t really the best one available, it’s the best one available for you.

Every product cannot be the best, every compensation plan cannot be the best, every company can not be the best. None of them are the best business opportunity overall.

I’m not talking about Add-Ons, businesses that we add on to our primary business, normally offering marketing services, like APSense for example, I’m talking about that one company that you just love, the one that is going to make you wealthy, the one you just can’t understand why everyone doesn’t see what you see, that it is without a doubt the best opportunity on the planet and everyone should be joining right now.

One unfortunate aspect of marketing business opportunities online is that people jump from one to another, they don’t really care what the company is all about, they don’t care about the product and don’t really even care to understand the compensation plan, someone said it was the best, they signed up, if they don’t make any money in a very short period of time they are off to the next “best” opportunity. They have no reason to stay since they had no real reason to sign up to begin with, they just did because someone told them to.

That makes no sense at all in the real world of business, but I’m no hypocrite, I’ve done it, I’ve been through phases over the past 11 years where I have jumped around like a newbie with a gold card.

What I failed to realize then and what many of us still fail to realize when we are marketing or when we are being marketed to is that no business is for everyone.

A compensation plan that’s great for you may not appeal to me, a product that you think is incredible and amazing may just bore me to death and there are many other aspects to any business opportunity that may or may not appeal to someone.

It is your job as a marketer to make me see things your way, same with any commercial on TV or any salesperson, however, what people seem to forget is that they need to convince me why it’s a great opportunity for me, not why it’s a great opportunity to them. The trick is to find out what’s important to me, this was easier when Network Marketing was done offline, but with social networking so popular now, we are getting back a little bit of the personal touch that was lost when the Internet came along.

I’ve made this mistake, rambled on and on about a compensation plan that I knew was a real winner to someone who had no interest at all in compensation plans, I still don’t get that but that doesn’t matter, what matters is what’s important to your prospect.

This all comes down to what I was saying at the beginning, your opportunity is right for you, mine is right for me, none are right for everyone. When marketing, explain why you feel your opportunity is so wonderful, market to those that are already interested in your opportunity or at least your type of product, market to those in the competition or those checking out the competition. Always keeping in mind that if I hate matrix plans, you aren’t going to sign me up into your company that uses a matrix plan no matter what you say and it’s ok, it doesn’t mean anything except your business is not right for me.

Even more important than the marketer side, is the side of the person being marketed to, if you are in the market for a business, you really should know what fits you best. What type of payplan works best for you, what price point are you comfortable paying and promoting, what product gets you excited, do you like start-ups or established companies and do you feel passionate about the business opportunity overall, if you don’t, if you are thinking about signing up because someone promised you riches overnight, spillover, money for nothing, a cure for every illness known to man, then you should stop yourself and say, “is this right for me?”.

If you don’t do that, then you are just chasing money and you will always be chasing money because you will never find the business that fits you best because you simply don’t know or don’t care what business that is.

If you are thinking, “I don’t really care, I just want to make money”, I can tell you from experience that unless you get really lucky, you better start caring or you never will make the kind of money you have in mind.

Learn compensation plans.

Learn the product categories for our industry.

Decide what price point is comfortable for you to get started.

Decide what price point is comfortable for you on a monthly basis, if at all.

Decide on if you want to get involved in a start up or an established company.

Decide if you want to focus on marketing tools and services (add-on businesses) or if you want to focus on one primary company.

Understand how you will need to market a particular company, I turned down a very well know, successful company that had a lot to offer, great products and compensation along with a solid track record because I realized that I would have to market it offline to be successful and that just wasn’t for me. They were teaching home parties and stuff, it was like being stuck in 1995, but that works for them, it would not have worked for me.

So, what is your skill? Phone? Writing? Face to Face? Videos? Social Networks? It will take you some time to know your skill, but once you do, you will then be able to see if the way you market best fits with the way the company you are checking out needs to be marketed.
Taking your business to another level, taking it seriously, means finding the business that’s best for you, not the one that’s the hottest of the month, not the one everyone has jumped on this week, not the one that leader is pushing or your buddy just got into, the one that is best for you, because at the end of the day, that’s all that matters.

Wishing You Amazing Success,
Jim Vigilante

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