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What Your Not Using It?

Feb 7th 2013 at 12:15 PM

What You’re Not Using It!

There always things in life that make working easier.  Heck I use a Dutch oven to make roast that is moist and succulent without having to check it often to ensure it hasn’t dried out.  I scrap the bowl when I bake to ensure all the batter gets in the baking pan so the cake rise’s all the way.  I use the crazy navigation system in the car so I take the easiest route and don’t get lost.  Ok ladies we know the husband still won’t use maybe someday.  You get the point though right.  We have any number of things in our lives that help to make our life easier.

I use a marketing system for my home business to make life easier.  I have lots of tools in the system, from capture pages, auto responder, email campaigns, video, voice mail all kinds of cool stuff.  I use it to make obtaining leads that of course we all need no matter what business we are in.  Leads are the corner stone from where we eat.

The other thing us marketers need is places to advertise.  While I never discount the good ole, old school ways.  Business cards, classifieds, flyers and such.  I also do not ever keep looking for new places that pop up.  One place that really didn’t just pop up but went about growing and expanding right under my nose I just completely forgot about.

Funny it was my brother who makes a living that has nothing to do with the internet added me way back about 2 years ago.  I have continued to expand my base of contacts in it, without really giving it a second glace.  If you’re  anything like me you may have too.  What I am referring to is google+.  I have heard things like google+ doesn’t matter, it is nothing like facebook or twitter.  Fact is I had heard so much negativity I really gave it less than a glance.

What was I ever thinking?  If you’re anything like me you have done what I did and not really paid that much attention.  You continued doing what had been working for you occasionally adding another connection but never really looking at it.  Even though the king of the SEO’s, was giving us a terrific place to connect with other marketers in all walks of life.  All kinds of really great stuff and I just didn’t look.

Well I am looking now.  They have sales pages people easy to understand and put up sales pages.  They have communities/groups of other marketers just waiting for you to join and connect with.  You can update your status right from you gmail account.  The fact is you can do you advertising and connecting and chatting, all never leaving you’re gmail account.  The entire thing is so simple so easy I just keep shaking my head at myself.

If you have, run out of ideas and leads.  If you needing something else to help you be branded and noticed.  Than today I am giving you two great places to do so.  One is the marketing system that I recently added to my business.  Adding sign ups every day because of it.  If you do we are having a webinar tonight for training.  Come see what it is all about. The other is google+ give it more than a glance it really is better than Facebook and Twitter Tonight @ 9pm EST

Cindy Slick

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