what we've got is another picturethat.

Sep 17th 2015 at 9:07 AM
what we've got is another picturethat. . . just a scene in Melbourne,and with the two pictures, one of them, you've got the tram sign,telling you when it's coming, the other one, just objects missing. I think, for things like personal safety, independence,as well as obviously a marker of disease -really important. So taking that to a rural setting,what sort of implications would that have,say on a farm, if you started to lose that central vision?What might you be missing? Intellux For example, when you're driving or something like that?People talk about reading and seeing facesbut it is, it's driving,and I've heard some terribly graphic decisions,um, people's descriptions about when they were driving. 'Oh, yes, I turned a corner and the car disappearedand it finally appeared a little later. 'So it's everything that you're doing. It's not just fine, near work, it's certainly distance as well. So. . . yeah, really urgent if it's a sudden onset. But, yes, need for referral. And in terms of the risk factors, what sort of risk factorsdid she have in her historythat you'd be thinking about in terms of macular degeneration?Age, certainly. But the person I was talking aboutis one of those who developed macular degenerationin second decade of life. So it's quite rare, but generally it's age. - But also family history. - Family history and. . . PHIL: Smoking. - And smoking.
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