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I love my home with my husband Jim and our kids... Maja, Badger and Chet. Our dogs, but yes, our kids. I love to play golf, fish, watch a good movie and read a good book every once-in-awhile.

I truly enjoy working my business... Text Ad Exchange Owner, I own 5... which keeps me busy. It`s also helped me to grow, make new friends and relationships.

Brenda Crofoot | bjfoot
May YOUR Christmas have Peace, Joy, Love and Laughter... Brenda

What Was I Thinking... A Little About Brenda Crofoot

Oct 9th 2010 at 1:34 PM

Hi! My name, Brenda Crofoot and I’d like to offer a little background on
who I am…

Basic questions to answer: Age? 58 I believe you’re as young or as old
as you want to be, LOL I’m not ancient yet. So hopefully, I am wearing it

Profession? I am a retired Nurse/Peace Officer Officer and now, I have a
life and work my internet business, Safelist-Text Ad Exchange-Owner.

So, what was I thinking when I got busy on the net? Well, we need to go back
just a bit further, so you understand a bit better.

Turn back a little over 7 years. My husband comes home and says "Brenda we are
getting a computer and I’m ordering one today. You are moving into the 21st
Century, like it or not." Well, I didn’t argue, but I truly didn’t want a
computer. I’d been able to avoid a computer at home for a very long time. I was
married to a computer programmer at one time and got so tired of that being the
only conversation in the house that I swore I would never have one in the house.
Be careful what you swear to!

Past life can really interrupt the current day and the future, if you let it. My
husband, Jim had been so good not to push me on this point. I came into the
21st Century without to much kicking and screaming and suddenly realized that
having a computer was going to be a good thing. We actually started to look for
a new house and found it on the internet. Seriously, BIG Wow! We are in that
house today. My thought processes began changing after we moved into our new
home. I thought about how to make money on the internet. This was after I’d
gotten thru the game phase of owning a computer…lol

I decided there had to be a way to make a little extra cash with an internet
business of some kind, so I started researching internet businesses and easy
ways to make some extra money. I came across Freebie Site Trading and off to the
races I went. I was very successful as a Freebie Site Trader, but I knew there
was more out there for me.

…And there was!

A fellow trader turned me on to GDI. I started working GDI and made money at it.
But, I wasn’t satisfied. I wanted the freedom of my own business without the
upline. I’m not saying GDI was bad; It’s a great business! I learned alot and
part of that, was what I wanted. Thru my advertising I connected with Frank
Salinas. I purchased one of the first Text Ad Exchanges on the Net. Frank
mentored me and Traffic Persuasion was born. Thru the process of launch and
building Traffic Persuasion I made alot of new friends, I added more sites to my
business and make a bit of cash, which doesn’t hurt my feelings one bit!

ALL of these sites are Credit Based-List Mailers with Text Ad Advertising and they
ALL have New Member Promos On-Site:
Traffic Persuasion
MoonLighting Text Ads
Fifty~Fifty Text Adz
YourInBox Adz
Evolutions Ads

So, today when I’m not working, I’m enjoying my husband Jim, our three dogs Maja,
Badger & Chet, playing golf, fishing or just sitting on the patio. I love those
enjoying peaceful moments. My life is my own and I can make as much or as little
money as I choose. I truly am the maker and creator of my own destiny.

When I look back at what I’ve written, a couple of things stand out for me.
I was thinking, but, I followed a path that started laying itself out in front
of me. A Road Map and all I had to do was make a plan, stick to the plan along
with learning the Rules of The Road and I could have something very special.
I’ve never really looked back.

Advice… Don’t stop, Don’t say "I Can’t" and Never Give Up! Success isn’t
always measured in dollars and cents. But, what I was really thinking when all
this started was… A Little Extra Cash wouldn’t hurt!

And remember, nothing worth doing is ever really Easy - It can be alot of work,
but well worth it!!

Warmest Regards!

Brenda C.


Please to comment
Mar 1st 2011 at 11:34 PM by doddee
Thank you for sharing. I'm new here and interested in how everyone else got here.
Oct 12th 2010 at 2:08 AM by tyjesbak
Brenda, Great post. I'm glad we are not connected and hope I can learn from you. Keep up the great work.
Oct 12th 2010 at 1:18 AM by SteveCarr
Hello Brenda. Seem's like you have got yourself to a place that I myself am striving to get to. Very encouraging to read your article.. Best wishes to you and Jim, Cochise and Maja, SteveCarr ps thanks for the follow and comments
Oct 11th 2010 at 11:27 PM by m8t43
Hello Brenda. I am glad too, that your Hubby bought that Computer. Thanks for sharing this great article. My experience was a little different as to getting into the internet business, back in 1994 I felt I was really missing out on so much opportunity, by not owning my own computer, but didn't have the $$ to buy one then and there, so I started out with my then Boy Friend, and now my Husband Ron's old computer. What a thrill, but it still took about a year before I ventured into the Internet- make money game. Well I guess I'll just have write my own story on that one. Yes I've known Frank Salinas for years now and value his business knowledge and always ready to help. I belong to his Your EZ Ads and had much success with it. Its really great to meet you and thanks for following me too :)
Oct 9th 2010 at 6:10 PM by deewest
And I Thank God Jim Bought that Computer! You are the best Partner and Friend a person could every have. I cherish our Friendship and Business Partnership You have come a long way Baby and You are an Exceptional Admin! I recommend to all who have not yet joined Your Sites yet, They Should! Great Article! I look forward to Reading More have a prosperous Weekend Dee
Oct 9th 2010 at 5:54 PM by GTBulmer
Hello, Brenda: Very nice introduction to some of the steps that eventually led you here to IM faceplate. It's great that you found your marketing niche with Text Ad Exchanges. Sounds like a good business! :-)

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