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I am so excited I am finally in a position to help anyone and everyone make some good quick and lasting income online!!!
3 years ago

What Vital Aspect Do All Marketers Need?

Oct 21st 2012 at 6:35 PM

Everyone is looking for the secret to making money online. You see the questions all over the place, “How can I make money? What do I need?” While it does take several pieces to put the online income puzzle together, there is one thing you must acquire before you attempt to earn money online; else none of your efforts will ever bring you a single penny.

This is the same one thing that the top 7% of online earners have, the thing that separates them from the others just trying to make it online.

Before you start guessing, it’s not that these people have better friends, they aren't necessarily smarter than everyone else, and it has nothing to do with money.

The thing that is crucial to ever making money online is Definiteness of purpose. Knowing exactly what it is that you want to do to carry you to your desired internet income.

There are many scams on the internet, and even more things that may not be right for you. Having Definiteness of Purpose will give you the insight to avoid scams, and keep you from wasting time on opportunities that may seem lucrative at first, but aren't really your cup of tea.

If you don't have any clue what your purpose is, don't worry, this is something that can be developed at any time. This is why I post this now, so before you begin or continue your search online, you can ask yourself these three questions:

1. What do you see yourself doing/are you good at/are you interested in?

This by far is the most important question of the four. It is absolutely vital that whatever you decide to do online, you enjoy. The internet is vast; and even in earning online there is something for everyone. However, if you just blindly choose a venture in which to earn from, instead of choosing something that interests and excites you, chances are high that you won't maintain an interest for it. This is a sure path to failure.

2. How much time are you willing to invest/Are you looking for short term returns, or a long term residual income?

This question helps you to manage your time in two aspects. First, how much time each day or every week are you willing to dedicate to an online venture? If you know how much time you will have on a regular basis to dedicate to your online earning, then you can further determine which opportunities are right for you according to time. It only makes sense to choose ventures that you have the time to dedicate to.

Second, how long are you willing to wait to see a return on your efforts? Pay cycles can and usually do vary not only from opportunity to opportunity, but from website to website. In general, no matter what you choose, make sure you are okay with how much effort you have to put in to receive your desired return, and how often you will be paid what you have earned.

3) How much do you expect to earn?

This question brings the information of the last two questions together. How much do you believe the time you are willing to dedicate to online earning in the venture you wish to earn money from is worth? When coming up with this general number, you don't want to sell yourself short, as it has to be enough to keep your interest; however, you must also keep this number realistic, as you want to leave yourself plenty of opportunities to choose from.

Finding the right opportunity to earn online from is a long journey; one without a guide if you don't at least have a small sense of what you want to do before starting. If Definiteness of Purpose is not achieved in the beginning, you will find yourself susceptible to the advertising and hype you will be bombarded with day by day.

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