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What To Do When Your Tmj Annoys You

Dec 21st 2015 at 3:10 AM

Feeling someone pinch you is annoying enough because of the pain. Now, imagine yourself getting pinched a hundred times worse and you get pinched on your face, especially somewhere near your chin or the side of your neck. That feeling is more or less the same as what you may feel when you suffer from TMJ.

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TMJ and what it’s about

Some of you might not know what really TMJ is. TMJ actually stands for Temporomandibular Joint. This joint is the one responsible for keeping your face in shape. It is the joint responsible for keeping your jaw attached to your skull.

When this joint is injured or stressed in any way, whether through trauma, stress, or any other reason, it may cause you to develop Temporomandibular Joint Disorder or TMJ Disorder.

There are a lot of causes for TMJ and most of the time, they are difficult to pinpoint. The major causes are as follows: bruxism (constant grinding of the jaw even when asleep), a tear in the jaw joint mostly due to osteoarthritis, injury or trauma to the jaw, uneven bite of the teeth due to dentures and the like, stress, or due to certain diseases.

When you suffer from TMJ Disorder, you will most likely experience one or more of these symptoms: facial pain mostly around the jaw area, headache or migraine, locked jaw or difficulty in moving the jaws to open the mouth, stiffness or pain in the neck region, buzzing or ringing in the ear or pain the ear, and sometimes pain in the back. There are also cases of pain in the tongue and instances of vertigo or dizziness.

How to Treat TMJ

Most people with TMJ often go for tmj natural treatment to help themselves and most of the time, they administer it themselves. Here are some of those common natural methods:

Place ice over the aching area. Most people, just like toothache, also resort to using ice packs to help alleviate the pain in their jaws. However, if you want a longer effect with this method, you will need to apply ice longer or often. There are TMJ cases that are treated effectively with this method. However, there are still those that need more.

Massage therapy. People who want longer relief to TMJ often resort to massage therapy. The sore area is massaged methodically until the muscles are conditioned to relax. Most prefer this method because it has longer lasting effects and it is also quite relaxing.

Drink medication. When the case of TMJ is more severe and it can no longer be treated with a simple ice the affected area, people often buy pain killers and anti-inflammatory pills instead.

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