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What the internet can and can't do

Dec 13th 2010 at 2:04 AM


You know I preach constantly to people that the internet is not magic. I get  mad e-mails sometimes from other people claiming I am bashing there marketing tactics and this is very far from the truth. Yes we all know that marketing is a tricky business. Marketers word play the ads and add lots of fluff to capture peoples attention,that's marketing. Yes it can seem deceiving,especially if your someone who may not know better. What I do is try an give people an educated edge on what is and what isn't. I am passionate about people and about marketing but I get ticked off at both sides as well. I get ticked off at certain marketing ploys because they are misleading. So many new people daily are turning to the internet looking to make ends meet,only to be let down because they were mislead. THEN I get angry at them because they start screaming SCAM! because they didn't take the time to learn a little about what they were doing. There is no MAGIC out here, money does not come from no where. If you come out here expecting,believing or looking for anything like that the only magic I guarantee you'll see is your money disappearing. Who's fault is that?
 Any ways I debate this all the time,you can read some of my past articles for more on that.
So what can and what can't the internet do?
The internet is a of course of huge network of 1,000's of computers from everywhere that act sort of like telephone's but instead of dialing a phone number we type in URL's. Most of us get this considering we are all here chatting and sharing from all over the world. This is one of the Biggest cans and what actually makes marketing so lucrative. Anyone from anywhere can get online and connect with anyone,and anything. For marketers the internet has become a great,big,giant store with Millions of different store fronts. Yes the internet is amazing! But it as well has it's limitations.
Here's what it can't do.....
As I said before your internet is not a virtual ATM,believe me I wish! I really never understood why anyone ever thought working out here was any different then like working an actual job. I mean of course there are the obvious differences but neither one will pay you unless you put forth effort and work. Honestly some people are not made to work for themselves. They are not disciplined enough to do what needs to be done,they get lazy and they go broke. Working for yourself has the best perks but it does take a lot of time,commitment and discipline especially in the beginning. The internet WILL NOT automatically start WORKING FOR YOU WHILE YOU SLEEP. It WILL NOT just start sending you money( I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU READ OR WHO WROTE IT,IT AIN'T HAPPENING) You have to earn it just like you do anywhere else. Money belongs to people so you have to give them a reason to send it to you.
How do you do this?
Good question there's actually a couple of ways-
1. You can come out here trick people,mislead people on purpose and basically become a liar and a thief.
2. Provide a service,product, or opportunity that is useful, helpful or valuable. Something that they will be happy to pay you for.
If you by chance happen to be someone who choose's option one please,and I mean this as politely as possible PISS OFF! and watch your back karma's coming. But to everyone else who honestly wants to better themselves and LEARN how to do this correctly WELCOME! and it's nice to meet you. Plan to go far. If your willing to learn there are plenty of people who are Honestly willing to help.
IS this what you want to do?
You know another very important thing I think a lot of people fail to do is to make sure that ,before starting any new business venture or any type of work for that matter, it's something they want to do. Before I started networking full time online I tried working a traditional MLM business. Everything I wanted and needed this particular company offered. I rushed in like a puppy peeing all over himself. I spent a lot of money,met a lot of nice people only to find out there business module was not for me. I tried hard but basically going out on the streets,walking up to complete strangers trying to pitch my product,having shows at my house,this was not for me. I went in for all the right reasons, a better way of life for me and my family,but failed to completely see what I had to do to get it. I got what I like to call MONEY BLIND. So I learned another lesson. Check out the business,see what it takes to make it happen then make sure your willing to committ to the process. This could save you a lot of money and save anyone who's trying to help you a lot of time.
Always Let integrity be your calling card. Just about every business has to do with selling something but nobody wants to be sold. Everybody wants to be helped. Learn to find out how you can help. Put your integrity in front of making a few dollars. Understand that in a legitimate business transaction BOTH parties benefit and are happy . Everybody WINS!
A Few things to remember.....
*The internet will not give you money neither will anyone else. You must go out and earn it. Don't be fooled into being the one giving your money to someone who tells you other people will give you there money just by joining there program or posting a website. IT WON'T HAPPEN
*There is no overnight,automatic making 6 figures in a week. If your looking for over night riches you'll find nothing but crooks because it does not exsist. The people who tell you it does are being dishonest and will HONESTLY take your money
*Always let integrity be your calling card. Any successful business is built on honesty and integrity.
My purpose is to share what I have learned over the last 5 years in network marketing. To take everything good and bad,make it useful then present it to others in a way that they can use it to help themselves in ANY marketing field. The plan I use is not easy,but it works. The plan I follow does not do the work for me but does work for me when I work it. It won't get me rich overnight but as long as I keep following my plan it will supply me with a lifetime residual income.  I hope this helped clear a few skeletons from any closet's and wish EVERYONE the absolute best and success. Look forward to hearing from you all.

To your success and God Bless

Bradley G aka Oposit

 If you don't have a business and your interested in finding an honest,simple way to start  Click  HERE. for more info. Let me know if you have any questions

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Dec 13th 2010 at 5:42 AM by rishiforyou
Great post! Hits the nail on the head without a fuss! Way to go!

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