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2 years ago

What makes a Leader!!!

Sep 24th 2010 at 7:23 PM

What really makes an outstanding leader? That is a good question. Many of us simple think of it as a badge stamp to our shirts, or a title given to us. But, is that really what makes a true genuine leader? No, it doesnt.  In this article I will address this simple questions, What is a Leader? , What makes a Leader?  What qualities are found in a leader and more.
Lets take a look at , What is a leader? Lets examine the term Leader. What does it mean? The term leader is one that leads. Now lets examine that closely. Although we see all over the internet as well in the world , leaders over countries, leaders in businesses, we must look deeper at the meaning of a true genuine leader. It goes far deeper than just leading someone as you  will discover. Many leaders have lost the true emphasis of what a leader is all about.
First and foremost, a leader is not defined simply by measure of wearing a nametag or being classfied by a title. All of us in our lifetimes have individuals that are watching us and following us in our footsteps.What kind of example are we giving them. Lets take for example, Marketing, when we begin to build our downlines, we have at that moment begin to be a leader to those members.  Most , of us unfortunately have not  realize that we are  however.

Lets take a look at why is it we are considered as being leaders to our downline. When a member joins up under you, they are at that moment a new member, unaware to their surroundings or how everything functions. They are at that moment trusting in you to support them , help them and lead them thru. Although, sure ,majority of companies have leader overall the company, but  step back a moment, do you actually believe these leaders have the hours and time for all the members coming in the company? No, that is why you as the upline must duplicate what you have learn. Give forth to your downline the knowledge, support, understanding and patience given you. We must be there to encourage our downline at all times .
Lets take a look at the messages across the net from discourage members.Often times we can observe where members join up at businesses only to be left  totally alone. Where is the upline? Where is the leaders?   This should not be happening, Period!!!! If a company is solely seeking to get members but leave them to themselves will soon find that member leaving. Why not? lack of support, lack of leadership, lack of encouragement. etc.
Its not a title or rank that makes a genuine leader.  leader is not some that tucks someone in. Lets look at some qualities of a true genuine Leader.
1. Be willing to be seen in front of 2. Go the extra mile3. First, by personal example4.exemplying leadership5.interaction between your upline and downline and organization6. ongoing upline support must be meric countability leads to a long term relationship7.action and attitude must be together to qualify as a leader. 8. stand among the trouble9.Clarify over a working relationship
To break it down, you assume the role of leadership by personal example legwork,research,study,
I can certainly state we have two outstanding leaders that above and beyond fills the role of great leaders in fullfilling all of the above points.  Craig Caron and Nancy Radlinger, I have known both for a good while. They have both exhibit such wonderful leadership, that their passion and love just pours over you. I would highly recommend you check their blogs out if you haven.t done so. They also will be our leaders in our Family Networker.
Craig Caron http://craigcaron.comNancy Radlinger
Although we may play a big major part in assisting our downline, we must  also understand we dont over do it either. We can help so much that we hurt them as well. Some major points also to point out as well are these.
Dont be overly authority, as sounding like a boss over them Dont be overly complex pressuring them
Points to realize in helping your downline
1. Downline must not come to you for every single time. Dont get me wrong either, sure members should come , but help them try to solve the problem themselves,. The problem lies if we do all the work for them , they will never learn.  Willing is not enough.
2.Downline must be willing to put effort into it before coming for assistance.
3.If we fix every step for our downline without them lifting a finger to try to figure the situation they will never achieve success.
So, lets take the information above and see where you stand as a leader.
To our success

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