What makes 2010 Blessings Different! Lets clear the air

May 24th 2012 at 8:49 PM

The number one question people have is. Is Cash Gifting Legal?

What makes 2010 Blessings Different! Lets clear the air

I am writing you to clear the air on a few subject that came up about gifting in general. We here at Administration have had many questions asked and we are growing so fast, they are hard to keep up with.

If you think for some reason that you have chosen wrong, I am going to give you a trusted Members conversation to me through an email, a link that goes to Publication 950 which shows gifting is LEGAL, a link to a video that talks STRAIGHT to an IRS Agent and a link to dispelling the myth about sending cash via the mail is illegal. This goes to clear up some major questions and by sending you this information, it will better equip you all with the actual FACTS of the matter, rather than to leave you thinking that an OPINION from another person is fact. You be the Judge.

Quote from a VERY respected member:

Your e-mail this evening has prompted me to write to you. I had an attorney that gave me an excellent analogy of the legality of gifting and I want to share with you what he had to say. I really liked his explanation. This is POSITIVE stuff I think you will enjoy his comments.

He started by looking me straight in the eye and saying, "John, were you aware that fishing, hunting, and even driving a car are all illegal?" To which I responded, "I think you are wrong, they are all perfectly legal!" He then said we could just take driving a car as an example. What if the driver of the car is 14 years old and obviously, has no license, that's illegal. When someone is pulled over for driving drunk, that's illegal. What if you are driving on a suspended license, that's illegal. So, he had made his case...driving a car IS illegal, ...IF you don't obey the laws and the rules. He made the same point
with fishing. If you don't have a license and you are fishing where one is required, then fishing is illegal. If you catch more than the limit, or you keep fish that are too small, that's illegal. He went on to make the same point hunting and then mentioned a half dozen other activities people do that could be deemed 'illegal', if you break the laws.

His point was this, gifting is totally legal as long as no one does anything to break the rules. As long as the Administration does everything they can to weed out the 'bad eggs' ( and 2010Blessings does! ) then there is NOTHING illegal here. It's too bad that there has to be so many negative people
that would like to criticize such a positive activity. A lack of information, and education, can be dangerous and some people we really do NOT want in 2010Blessings. We don't force anyone to become part of our community and we sure don't need any cry babies.

More links for your review:

Publication 950, USA LAW:

IRS Agent Phone Call:

I only say this for those that do not believe. We don't promise anything here. Members send out statements verifying that they expect no return and they haven't been solicited, which by the way is a Legal Document. Members are not sold anything here and there are NO REFUNDS as we have no product. Members join because they want to, not because they're forced. Here's your formal invitation to register and be apart of something that will be a blessing to you and your family!

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