What Is Wisdom?

Nov 1st 2010 at 12:05 AM

What a question?!. You may ask. I have thought over this and I have come to realise that wisdom is simply ability to recorgnise opportunity and knowing when to sieze the oppotunity to your advantage at the appropriate time.

No wonder every wise peron ends up to be prosperous. For example. the all wise God is thye all prosperous God that owns heavens and the earth. He owns the all the catles on a thousands hills. Solomon the wisest king in his time was the richest king in his time.

There is one thing a wise person will not do and that is, to waste time. Because time as money is universal all curency denomination. A wise person will use it to the highest denomination to his advantage. God is gracious enough that no man will acuse Him of anthing Because wherever you are everyman has equal time alotted per day 24hours.

Test yourself now and rate yourself whether you are wise or foolish.

Do you recognise opportunity?

Do you sieze any opportunity wn hen it comes your way? Note that opportunity may not always be there.

DO you seize the opportunity at the appropriate time or you often procastinate?.

How do you spend your time?

I am going to present an opportunity to you now!. Let us see how you handle it.

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Oluwadare Samuel


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