What is the three ghosts flooring?

Jun 11th 2015 at 7:04 AM

A few days ago, I ordered a number of 3 foot by 3 foot wood panel, ready decorated my new house, but also a good friend over to help me see that I do not understand anything, easily deceived. And he to have a look, and said I was a salesman whole, I bought a "Goki" wood flooring. "Goki" floor? I never heard of, is what ah? That friend told me that now, with the changes in the international economic environment, the domestic wood raw material prices soared, rising production costs, flooring industry is facing unprecedented cost pressures. Some enterprises in order to reduce costs, shoddy, inferior superior charge, such as production of color plates, a transfer board, plywood, thin and short-lived backplane board to impersonate good plates meet consumers. These floor plates in the industry is called "Five Ghosts." How to avoid when buying consumer hit this "Goki"? How to identify "Goki" surface and internal gap? Friend told me explain one by one, I know, the original buy so many floors knowledge. Now clearly the original seller is really too much, in order to make money, always do things against their conscience. Now the floor knowledge me friend explained to me to tell you that we also get to avoid "Goki" wood flooring.

First, take a swatch of poor quality logs sapwood and core part of the wood substrate transfer, the floor surface through the use of color fine or special coloring modification, eliminating color difference between sapwood and core material, and to act as a high-quality solid wood flooring sales to deceive consumers. Since the sapwood and core material air-dry density, moisture content, wood hardness is not the same, easy to cause the floor bagging, deformation, cracks and other quality problems. sandwich available nail panels Identification: After the floor surface with sandpaper or sawing the floor will be showing the end face look very serious difference. "" "" Mexican Ya Lan floor of large benefit of discounts in ...

Second, the adapter plate splicing is not environmentally friendly to use some tailings, solid wood flooring panels offline boards and different lengths by finger-splicing process, and act as a pure solid wood flooring sales to deceive consumers. Such floor due to a large amount of adhesive splicing high formaldehyde content is not environmentally friendly, but also because the internal stress uneven floors easily lead to deformation and cracking. Identification: longitudinal sawing or sanding visible finger marks.

Third, plywood shoddy labeled 0.05mm-2mm thickness wood veneer on a wood substrate poor, to act as a pure solid wood flooring sales to deceive consumers. Such floor due to poor selection of substrates caused by inconsistent quality, and the use of adhesive glue and low-grade wood veneer pressed together, likely to cause peeling veneer and the substrate, and the presence of certain formaldehyde content is not environmentally friendly. Identification methods: through the comparative study carried out to identify the top and bottom [url=http://woodcompositedeck.com/project-case/5227.html]outdoor interlocking deck from plastic[/url], solid wood floor surface and the bottom surface of the wood are basically the same, but plywood is entirely different.

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