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2 years ago

What Is The Cost Of $200?

Jan 5th 2011 at 2:37 PM

Does that title make you think it might be a trick question? ;-)

In actuality it is a one time out-of-pocket product purchase of $200 for which you will receive an equivalent amount of dry goods groceries plus the cost of shipping ... unless ... you take advantage of the group buying power of the Super Team of Six through which you can not only get free shipping, you will have earned extra cash too! (there is an annual administrative fee of $10 to be provided and maintain a company supported replicated website with back office supports).

So, what is the true cost of the $200 one time product purchase?  Well, you decide!  With just a little bit of time and effort the return on that purchase is actually multiplied back to you in a combination of products and earnings.  If you only wish to be a customer, then the cost is the shipping charges, because the groceries themselves come from a low cost provider and may actually save you some money depending on where you have been making your grocery purchases.

When it comes to the household budget it is maybe even a little tricker, because you were going to spend this money over and over and over again as you continue to buy your groceries.  Because of the group buying power concept with MPB Today, it is possible to eliminate your out-of-pocket expense for groceries!

Since the company currently only ships dry goods outside of the local area serviced by the fulfillment center in the panhandle of Florida, the company offers the option to receive a gift card that can be applied to all items offered for sale by a national retailer (almost assuredly there is one near your neighborhood!).  Because this national retailer handles electonics, computers, clothing and even gasoline, the option to receive gift cards opens additional dimensions to the usefulness of the entire program ... talk about "value added"!

So NOW how do you answer the question, "How Much Will $200 Cost You?"?!

Maybe the best way to calculate it is in determining the opportunity cost?  Most families are spending between $200 to $600 a month on groceries and on average another $50 to $400 on gasoline.  The low side of those averages could have you making a profit just on the elimination of those expenditures from the household budget ... that could be as much as $3,000 a year based on the low averages listed above.  Any earnings will vary based on your own personal results, so it will be best for you to look at the compensation plan and work out your own projections ... but it could be the equivalent of a very nice pay raise!

Let me ask you this; what will it cost you if someone you know would have been delighted to have been part of your Super Team of Six, but because of less than spirited action orientation on your part that other person actually approaches you with this awesome opportunity first (I am, and so will others!)?

People have to eat and they pretty much have to drive places too, so regardless of whatever other business or program you are promoting, this is something that lets you start up a conversation with folks about things they instantly related to!

I invite you to join in with me in getting the word out about this little known (for now) non-governmental program that can allow people to reduce and even eliminated their out-of-pocket expense for groceries.  Become an MPB Today Team Member now!


Much success to you in 2011!


MPB Today Team Member

http://MPBToday.com/LonnieG  (copy and paste into your browser window if hot links do not redirect you properly)

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Jan 6th 2011 at 2:51 PM by LonnieG
Yes, Chris, a little like that with the dynamic being based on your team volume. I have sent you a longer answer in a private message, so anyone else that would like more detail, please just let me know. Thanks, Chris. ~L
Jan 5th 2011 at 3:31 PM by lethos
So it works like a community bulk buying? or have I missed the general idea?

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