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What is SEO? along with its Benefits and Return on Investment

Feb 19th 2020 at 11:48 PM



SEO stands for search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is just like libraries of the digital age which instead of storing books pages, stores web pages. When a searcher searches some information they generally look up to Google, Yahoo or Bing. To scan your search these browser uses some algorithm. The work of SEO is to present your company among the top list in the algorithm with the relevant keywords for the company. By this process, the chances of any visitor missing out the valuable content provided by your webpage reduce and also supports the visitor get the best service.

Now, as the definition is clear let's look upon what SEO has in it to give:-

  1. It's a source of lead: With all the competition out in the market, getting lead is a challenging task. But with SEO it becomes easier and organic.
  2. Gives a higher conversion rate: Being on top rank gives customers confidence upon the company. They get the knowledge about the products/services and can be a great possibility for conversion.
  3. Promotes cost management: As the company comes on the top rankings, the need for pre-click payment or advertising the company on other pages reduces.
  4. Builds brand credibility: Being on the first page of the search says about the quality and popularity of the company. It gives a belief to the customer about the authenticity.
  5. Establishes brand awareness: SEO ensures that the product is easily reachable to internet users. This leads to a higher tendency for the company's link to be selected.
  6. It's a long-term marketing strategy: Six months is the minimum time period for a website to sustain optimal ranking.


The benefits also add up to the information, let's also look at the important term which should never be used interchangeably!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are the confusing concepts to grasp together, and worst when people use it together because although they work hand in hand, they are not the same. Therefore let's look at some difference between them;

1. The full form of SEO: Search Engine Optimization

1. The full form of SEM: Search Engine Marketing

2. SEO uses organic tactics to gain visibility, brands do not pay for their placement. SEO includes the following tactics: On-page, Off-page, & technical SEO.

2. SEM uses paid tactics to gain visibility those are both the activities involved with setting up and optimizing ads as well the budget that pays for the placement of ads.

3. SEO creates high-quality backlink for the profile

3. SEM incorporates selected keywords naturally into title tags, meta description, heading tags, alt texts, etc

4. Results from SEO take time to appear on the search engine but the impact of it stays for the long term.

4. The result from SEM shows its impacts immediately but stays only till the marketing contract exists, as it ends the position also starts moving down.

5. In SEO it appears as organic results as the company is and has feature snippets in it.

5. SEM includes 'Ad' designation along with the companies URL and also has Ad extensions of other companies.

6. For SEO there is no extra payment required for promoting the brand.

6. For SEM there is a high payment process, which is "pay per click".

7. SEO is not a recommended activity for testing purposes.

7. SEM can be recommended for testing purposes.

8. The result from SEO is visible to everyone who searches for that keyword.

8. The result will appear only to the target audience of the keyword and too those who the company wants to show.

Return On Investment: All you need to know

Return on Investment is an important need for all companies to motivate and encourage themselves to invest in things, which contributes to growth and productivity. If the outcome is not as per expectation, the objective of investment becomes a waste. To make every penny worth spending businesses calculate their return on investment (RIO). One such profitable investment for the business is on SEOs. It's a long-term result oriented investment as the impact serves a good period of time. SEO surely gives a high return on investment to the businesses and proves to be a good profit source.

But there are so many companies out there which help business with SEO, what makes Poorvi digismart preferred among others?

Customers choose Poorvi digismart, the best SEO company in Bangalore because of the unique method used by us which are well tested. We use white hat SEO and not the black hat SEO. Others serve the company to fulfill their duty, we serve the company thinking it to be as important as our own. We help the business reach new heights by providing quality leads. be ready to witness the aspired result from the investment of not just money but the trust in us. To know more REACH US TODAY!

The other services which can help you hand in hand are as follows:-

· Digital Marketing

· Search Engine Marketing

· Web Designing

· Content Writing

· Web Development

And much more, visit Poorvi Digismart for a premium service experience.



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