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What is right? What is wrong?

Sep 28th 2010 at 7:43 PM

The previous article raised this question to many. I thought I will put it all together in a few days and pour it out to you. It is my own perspective about right and wrong. I am not defining here anything from any dictionary or encyclopedia.

Listen to me: For me what is right is ; what I think something right and others also feel right about it. For example a red light. I see a red light and if you are behind me driving, you think I am wrong and ran over me thinking it is green light, then definitely you are wrong. I am just kidding, it is not possible, right?

Again I thought it is OK to take that dollar on the road, and I just justified I am right, since nobody is watching me, but my conscience started pricking me and I could not sleep, then I know I didn't did any right. If you feel that way after doing anything ( you thought it is just  two or three pegs, but you got mad and beat your husband or wife and  ended up in a social scandal) you were definitely not right. "You know better friend" in the morning neighbours will say and your parter pack her bag in the morning. Then you learn you were not right. Alright, that was just a mistake, I am sorry. I am not going to do it again. That is mild, sober, right.

If you elope with your neighbours wife, you are wrong, your family will say, friends will say, kids will say, neighbours will say, and you yourself will regret and say finally, " that was wrong".

If you advertise a site which you are not sure about, then finally after a while you will say, Sorry I just waisted my bucks, that wasn't a wise decision from my part. Losing money was wrong, here. So these are some of the easy explanations. In reality, again what I feel as right may not be what you think as right. For me, right is; worship God, do not lie, do not steal, no fornication or adultery , a clean and clear conscience, love thy neighbor as thyself, help others in need. If I can practice all these in daily life my social value will be very high, moral emotional satisfaction will be high. Moreover I will follow the rules and regulations of government or authorities and no troubles for me. ( I know this is right, but I bend them according to convenience and make it right. What about you? )  If you do the same way then you know what is right.

In one sentence if I say, if you are not in trouble, you are right. you did right always. If you end up in troubles frequently then something is wrong some where find it out, correct it and move forward and don't turn back. Be acceptable to society, authorities, family, friends, children always, then you are right. Trust me otherwise some one will be dare to tell you you are wrong.

Do not force others to do, what you cannot do. Avoid calamities and clashes. Be mild tempered. ( which I am not, that is not public opinion, but close associations say) Still I know I need to make it right at some point.

Try to be a follower of good rather than being a leader of bad. Now I guess I explained "right and wrong". Questions feel free to write to me: Regards to you all for being good listeners.

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May 14th 2011 at 6:24 PM by TimRR
well done

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