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What is happening to Gold and Silver?

Nov 15th 2010 at 10:01 AM

When I first set up my blog in June 2010, I positioned myself among those who firmly believe in precious metals, especially gold and silver. I wrote about gold and silver to create and preserve wealth, but aswell as a hedge against inflation.At that time gold price was around $1200.00 an ounce and silver price around $18.00 an ounce.(http://wendellbulbaai.blogspot.com)

Now here in november gold price is almost reaching $1400.00 an ounce and silver is well over $26.00 an ounce. Surprised? Nobody should really be because all investment experts coincide on the fact that precious metals prices will continue to rise and gold is predicted to reach $2000.00 an once in the near future.

Now, it's like there is a New Gold rush about to hit the States.Who will be at the frontline to capitalize on it?only those who take notice and understand what it is really about and take action.will you be there?You really don't have be left behind.

Kb Edellmetall is a 16 yrs old company from Switzerland.They are expanding their operations in Europe to all over the world.They are offering all who want to buy gold in small sizes an incredible opportunity to own this precious metal.

This new opportunity really makes sense since a majority of people may not be not in the position to buy gold in sizes of 1 oz  and above at the market price of $1300.00 or more.Well, here is what a lot of people have been waiting for.bullion gold in sizes starting as small as 0.25, 0.50 or 1.0 gram.Best of all it will not cost you a dime to open an account with them.This is about to explode and is going around like wildfire.As with any new biz,who ever gets in first and work the program will be the ones in the position to make the bigger profits. Its your time. ACT NOW!

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Wendell B.


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Mar 7th 2011 at 12:45 PM by mrpgn123
I have to agree... Definetly Gold and Silver Savings seem like the only way to protect against inflation. Great Article with Sound Advice, Liked and Tweeted this Article! ;-)
Nov 20th 2010 at 3:24 PM by RickNauman
Great article Wendell, thanks for sharing. I agree KB Gold is a great opportunity. I don't know anyone who is getting any returns from their savings accounts, maybe 1% a year. With KB your savings are backed by gold, so gold prices go up your savings amount increases!

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