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I love writing and blogging about all the research I do day-to-day. Research and studies are my hobbies, thus writing is an extension of that love.
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What is Fiverr All About?

Nov 14th 2015 at 11:02 AM

A new trend comes along every now and then that completely alters the manner business done. PayPal & eBay was that for selling your junk online, and we thought was for freelancers (screw that!), now there is something that completely alters micro jobs and the way you view them (no matter what country you live in). This website, Fiverr, has changed the web and the way we do marketing.



Have you heard the latest buzz? Getting people to work for you for $5! Who can beat it?


Now as someone delivering their work on the site, it seems like only people in India or China can work for that rate, right? WRONG! This is a platform made for everyone. We are talking about “gigs”, as Fiverr calls them, or micro jobs. This means you can perform tasks that take you, as a professional in your line of work, mere minutes to perform, and get paid $5! It is all about earning money on Fiverr with this type of “assembly line” process.


It’s like this, you list a few things that are MICRO TASKS that you are good, efficient and speedy at. Take writing a 400 word article – it takes me about 10 minutes to get all the words out on “electronic paper” and find a good photo. I type 80 to 90 words a minute depending on how easy the material is. The optimization thankfully is handled by our SEO company we hired (from Fiverr!) and we get great rankings (which is probably how you found this article). Long story short, I charge $5 for the 400 words, $5 for the high quality picture and $5 to optimize it (takes 5 minutes). My average order from the accounts I own is $12, which means some are getting pictures, multiple articles or the $15 trifecta that makes me a dollar a minute!


I hit 81 here on the first go, I don’t want to waste my time typing and doing 2-3 more just to get the photo, but I’ve ran it up to 100 words a minute before.


Yes, you read that right. I’m typing an article in 5-8 minutes for the initial $5, they usually upgrade with optimization or a picture for another $5 and that’s an extra 5 minutes for optimization or 1-2 minutes for a photo. You get how you can make a lot of money doing “micro jobs”, now? Fiverr is all about being the site where things can be done for $5. In point of fact, it is a site where gigs are priced at a BASE AMOUNT of five dollars. As I was explaining earlier, you can add on what’s known as “gig extras”. Honestly, it’s brilliant, because people don’t hold themselves for more worth in their work. People expect to be paid $5 to $20 an hour for their work (95% of the world speaking). But what if you can get paid to be REALLY good at something almost easy (typing) and get paid $1 per minute that you do it. Sure I cannot type 8 hours a day, but I can type 3-4. And honestly, I’ve gotten so much work recently, I’ve had to HIRE other writers and outsource some of the work.

The $5 baseline really conveys that any person can easily make a small service on Fiverr and buyers will, in most cases, purchase your gig at least a few times to see if it’s worthwhile. The continuing of purchases depends on the first reviews that you receive. If they are bad – delete the account – you’re done. If they are good, expect Fiverr to send some more buyers your way.


So, if you are a full-time mom or a student looking for a part-time job, then, you can consider making money from home using your computer and reliable and fast internet connection. Fiverr can help you have some additional income provided that you can offer products and services that are worth buying and selling, usually something that promotes a business. My adage is, if it doesn’t make THEM MONEY, how can you justify it making YOU MONEY?


In Fiverr, you are being paid four dollars for every successful order completed. Your gigs are actually listed as $5; however, please be aware that the site charges you $1 for each gig, 20% commission rates. While this will cut into profits, if you come up with the right gig and learn how to cut off a few minutes – those dollars lost now are gained back in efficiency later. The good thing about Fiverr, is that signing up is made easy, I mean REAL EASY. You just give em your email, and to checkout, you utilize the quick checkout system with PayPal (which can take credit cards instantly). It’s honestly one of the smoothest checkout processes I have ever seen. I found myself purchasing 1-2 gigs in moments of first landing on the site years back! All you have to do is to point your browser click the button or picture, you’re led to a sales page with a video (ala YouTube) and big checkout button. All the information is within the fold, and the purchase is so fast when it loads, you’re done in 15 seconds after clicking.


Now this is for BUYERS – imagine how easy that makes your job as a SELLER! You literally just sign up with your email, after your email address has been confirmed, you post your first Fiverr gigs (and that’s even easy too) and you can instantly begin making both ends meet from doing some gigs on Fiverr. The signup process takes 1 minute, the creating a gig takes like 5-15 minutes depending on how much you invest into it – and you’re off in the races


Of course, how much you will earn on Fiverr will highly depend on the creativity, usefulness and practicality of the products and services you offer on the site to attract buyers. Make sure that the gigs you choose to offer to customers and readers are unique, useful, helpful and of great significance to them and their businesses. Why do I say businesses? Because more than 90% of the purchases on Fiverr are for marketing and business related purchases. Chances are, most of your orders will come from start ups and other SMBs looking to promote themselves via the web and other platforms.


Just keep in mind, once you find a gig that is successful and start getting sales, you can utilize Fiverr Bot to duplicate your success overnight!

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