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What is ASN (Allsolutions Network) ?

Mar 31st 2011 at 6:21 PM

Hello IMFaceplate Member, I want to introduce an online business that works for me now, Allsolutions Network(ASN).

The All Solutions Network consists of a unique Multi-Prong Bonus structure that pays you not only for business production generated by your free website and the free websites of each of your down line members, but also the production, purchases and sales of every member in our entire network. Our unique Infinity Fund allows you to earn an income before your down line has has produced even one dime of business volume!

ASN No Investment Required-- Income Guaranteed!
It is our belief that a business opportunity that is worthwhile, that truly can bring success... GENERALLY, SHOULD NOT NEED YOUR MONEY! If they believe in what they are doing and what they are offering, they should be willing to forego upfront fees and wait to share in your success. Why should they need to charge you?  The answer is simple... most companies realize that your success is far from assured.  Their business model is not to share your profits but to immediately share your WALLET.  That is not how ASN operates.

This is more than a free business opportunity. It is a turnkey business combined with a comprehensive internet education that provides the tools necessary for success; not just success in ASN, but success in any endeavor. We want you to be successful with us.  But more importantly, we want you to be successful. Period.

This system works on many levels and for many reasons because…

FIRST,  You Offer Everything.
Your website offers virtually everything the public wants or needs.  From home loans, Flowers, Insurance, Fine Jewelry, Furniture, Gifts, Vitamins, and of course an Absolutely No Investment Opportunity to make money in your spare time.

SECOND, No Barriers to Entry.
The opportunity you have and are offering has absolutely no barriers to entry. Virtually, any business that you can think of has obstacles that prevent the average of person from participating.  Often it requires money, time, sale ability, education, licenses, etc…  There is almost always a substantial barrier.  These normal barriers limit the size of the organization that you can create, thus limiting your income.  We Have No Barriers!
With this business, there are no barriers. None!  Failure is impossible. A person might Fail to consistently act, but absent that, they can't fail.  No investment, no licenses, no sales experience, no employees, no office space, no education, etc.  The only thing this business requires is the Desire to make or save money.  And how is it done?  By giving away opportunity.  You and your down line distributors can open as many "Stores" as you desire, and it never costs anything!  What could be easier?

THIRD, Natural Diversification.
The most successful people in life rarely often have all their eggs in one basket.  They diversify, into different investments and different business, to hedge against changes in the economy.  Speaking of economy... when has there ever been a time that something like this was needed more?
Your business and website automatically gives you the ultimate in diversification. Your ability to profit from Real Estate loans and the Auto industry is wonderful, but what if the rates go to 18% again, as they did in the 80’s?  It won’t matter, because your website will still be earning you money from the many gifts that your site and down line stores offers, or the many nutritional products, and diet and weight loss supplements, or the low cost prescription meds that your site sells, think about it, your site even sells food!
Your website diversifies you into every aspect of the economy.  So, no matter what happens, high rates, low rates, fast or slow economic growth, you will still make money because no matter what...  people always buys gifts, vitamins and food.

FOURTH, Everything you need for success is provided.
We are absolutely committed to giving you every product, every service, and every tool.  We will give you everything that you could possibly need to succeed.  The only thing that we can’t provide is commitment.  But, of course, commitment is the most important ingredient.
No matter how great the idea or how great the opportunity, without committed consistent action nothing is ever accomplished. Some people are going to get a hold of this opportunity and run with it.  Others are going to sit on it.  If you are the former, I truly believe that your life is about to change.

Learn More About Allsolutions Network Here

kindest regards

nyoman suadnyana

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