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what is a time attendance?

Feb 8th 2020 at 3:02 AM

Today, most managers in large and small organizations are using attendance devices. This is because they are able to monitor the performance of their employees and make the most of the organization's financial and human resources to achieve the organization's goals.

In the past, when there was no attendance device, employees were routinely employed. But with problems such as a cold or an accident, there may be days when employees are late or not at work. Then, using various excuses, they tried to justify the manager what was the reason for their absence, not to consider that day as an absence and not to include a deficit.

In addition, manually calculating the number of working days and accurately calculating employee salaries at the end of the month was a very difficult and time consuming task, and there was a high likelihood of a mistake.

Thus, with the advent of attendance devices, many of these problems were resolved. If you have just decided to provide an attendance device for your organization, follow us on with this article.

What is an Attendance System?

Attendance is a way to track staff turnover and monitor work hours, leave status, and ultimately an effective tool for paying employees an organization.

In fact, you can document the work status of your employees and monitor the overall performance of the organization with the help of a global presence.

Attendance from the past has been done in many ways. Some organizations still perform employee attendance manually, some use ID cards and others use other attendance methods, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Of course, it is not clear to anyone that the disadvantages of some methods, such as manual attendance, are far greater than their advantages.

Attendance is a device that automatically records employee traffic and provides the manager with the status of holidays, salaries, absences, and other important information.

Attendance machine has many different types that today in our country almost several types are used more than others and they are useful. Common types of attendance are: fingerprint attendance, face recognition attendance, card attendance, eye attendance and attendance software.

In this article, we are going to give you a brief overview of each of these attendance devices and give you a look at each of the features.

Attendance machine

In general, managers who decide to use attendance devices are divided into two general groups:

The first group includes managers who have recently become acquainted with JAVA and do not have specialized information about the types of devices and services provided by their companies.

For these managers, the price is usually the first and most important factor in buying a device. You may be one of those newcomers to the industry who decide to buy the cheapest and most efficient device, depending on your budget.

But let me advise you: Please, please and please do not just look for the cheapest device! Because it will make you regret! You ask why? I continue to serve you why!

Let us continue to introduce our category:

The second category includes managers who have already made and used the attendance device for some time! But for one of the following reasons, they are currently having problems with the device and have decided to replace it:

The previous low-cost attendance machine was one of the low-cost imported and low-cost devices, and the importer has been around for a while. As a result, it is impossible for the company to provide services and if the device performs poorly, the device will be virtually useless. Therefore, the manager has decided to change the organization's attendance system.

The attendance vendor company does not provide its customer with proper after-sales services such as installation, commissioning, device repairs and after-sales warranty.

The previous attendance device was imported and its overseas manufacturer refused to provide Iranian customers with spare parts and spare parts because of sanctions.

As time goes on and technology advances, the buyer feels the need for new hardware and software features. But the seller company is not capable of developing and promoting its product. So, after a while, the device is lagging behind the technology of the world and cannot meet customer needs and provide the services it needs.

Now that you understand what the second-line managers are dealing with, it's unfortunate to tell you the unpleasant point.

Most executives are in the first group at the beginning of the attendance purchase (perhaps like you) and, after spending a lot of time and valuable time shopping, purchase a device that was "cheaper" than other devices in the market at the time. And at the moment, the manager is very pleased with his purchase. But after a while, the problems we mentioned above are faced with the cost of having to re-dispose of the previous device at a cost and to provide more research and search for a device that provides the services needed to the organization. Offer.

Therefore, you do not need to look for the cheapest device to make the attendance, but rather to find the one that offers the services you need.

In this article and subsequent articles we will try to familiarize you with the types of attendance devices and their price range and tell you the advantages and disadvantages of each device so that you can choose the best device and make your purchase.

One of the most popular attendance devices is the fingerprint attendance device.

The way to work with this device is that at the beginning of installing the device in the organization, all employees are required to install their fingerprints on the device system.

Thereafter, the device identifies each employee with its unique fingerprint, and each time an incoming and outgoing employee enters his or her fingerprint, the device identifies and records its traffic clock.

You need to know that all traffic information, entry and exit, employee leave and leave status are provided to the organization manager.

Advantages of the fingerprint attendance device

On the fingerprint attendance device, you can't guess the fingerprint pattern and enter the presence of someone else instead. Whereas in other attendance devices you may be able to guess the password and pattern. So the possibility of fraud in this device is very low.

On the fingerprint attendance device, you can't register someone other than yourself because you have to bring in their fingerprint, which is virtually impossible. But on other devices, such as an absent card, you can have several other people with your card in addition to yourself.

In other attendance systems you may forget your password or password, but in the fingerprint attendance system, you always have your biometric component (fingerprint) included.

Types of Combined Identification Methods in the Fingerprint Presence Device

Fingerprint identification

Fingerprint and password identification

Fingerprint and card identification

Face recognition attendance device

Face Detection Device is one of the latest and most advanced face recognition systems. It uses the latest technologies and technologies to track and control employee traffic.

The method of working with a face recognition device is to:

At the beginning, the machine receives a scan of the face of all employees in the organization.

After receiving the scanned image, the device draws a two- or three-dimensional map of the employee's face pattern and stores it in his or her memory.

After this step, each time an organization employee visits the attendance device, the device identifies its face and performs authentication operations. As a result, the device records the entry and exit of the employee to the organization.

If the device fails to match the person's face with patterns stored in his or her memory, the employee's authentication will not be completed and his / her traffic will not be recorded.

Iris detection attendance device

Iris Attendance Device is one of the newest and most accurate attendance devices worldwide. The security and accuracy of this device is very high, and for security reasons, the presence and absence of personnel in military and security centers is done with this device.

According to the results of scientists' research, every person's iris pattern is completed and stabilized six months after birth and does not change over time. Even the two-eye iris pattern is not alike, and each iris pattern is unique to one eye.

On the other hand, the iris pattern is more conserved due to its position between the eyelids and is less affected by other biological features such as fingerprints and lesser faces.

The iris detection device can store and identify up to 3 people.

Card attendance devices are one of the oldest and most popular attendance devices. They are one of the first generations of digital attendance devices.

It is interesting to know that card attendance devices came on the market right after the punchy attendance method (we have detailed this in the card attendance article. Click here to read.) Also in their own time. Because they took the opportunity to cheat the time of entry and exit, they made it easier for accountants to calculate employee salaries.

But with the introduction of human biometrics into attendance devices and the emergence of face recognition, fingerprint and attendance devices, these devices have lost some of their popularity.

But there are still organizations that, because of the size of the organization and the large number of staff, have no choice but to use card attendance devices.

Card attendance devices are the best option for organizations that have thousands of employees who want to track their traffic in the shortest amount of time.

Card attendance devices have other benefits for large and large organizations. Including:

And the attendance card is used as a food reservation card for staff.

These organizations also use the attendance card as an employee identification card by printing employee information on the card.

The card attendance device can also be customized to suit the customer's needs and provide any information the customer wants.

Attendance software

One of the biggest mistakes managers make when buying a device is that they think it's just about buying the device. While attendance is just a physical device that saves employees traffic with cards, fingerprints, faces and more. But in fact, the main part of the attendance process is performed by attendance software installed on the organization's system and staff traffic information transmitted to the system via Wi-Fi or other means.

That is, in fact, it is attendance software that informs the manager of the calculation of salaries, benefits, leave status or employee absences. But most executives are unaware of this before purchasing a device.

Let me give you an example to better understand the use of attendance software:

Suppose you, as the manager of an organization, intend to limit the time delay for your employees. Also suppose the official time attendance opening time is 7am.

You tell them, for example, that if you get to the office up to 3.1, it's okay, but if you arrive at the office in 1.5 minutes, the system will delay you. Whether it's a minute late or an hour! In any case, your business hours will be delayed and your rights will be deducted.

You must have access to the attendance software in order to register this workflow in your organization's attendance system. Because such planning is done through attendance software.

Through attendance software you can plan and access employee information in the following areas:

Calculate overtime, overtime, overtime, overtime

Determination and registration of entry, exit exit

Define hourly leave, daily leave, mission leave, maternity leave, etc.

Definition of Urban Mission, Hourly Mission

Final word

In this article, we tried to introduce different types of absent devices.

We also mentioned the advantages of the absence of the device due to its capabilities.

We advise you to make sure that the software is customized to suit all the rules and conditions that you want to consider for personnel when purchasing a device.

Also before you buy, be sure to check out the software demos to make sure you have the right features and rules.

Choosing the right attendance system is especially important given the number of personnel and the degree of sensitivity and security of the organization.

We are always answering your questions about the traffic control device.

Contact us for advice on purchasing the device you need.

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