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What if I am Right? How Safe is Your Online Security?

Oct 4th 2011 at 1:42 PM


Half the stuff being taught to you, (for your $$ I might add) is outdated and you actually can learn a whole lot faster if you have the right people with you.  I know, I have seen a lot of false promise who do you Trust and How do you Know?  Mostly it is Trial and Error and then a whole bunch of common sense!  Get with the right people for you.
Let's do something we shouldn't ever do.  Let's assume you ARE NOT new to Im. (Internet Marketing)  You have tried several other programs and really for the most part it cost more than you made.  You struggled all on your own.  The promise of help and guidance was pretty far fetched.  You actually never heard from your sponsor again except via his/her autorespnder!  It happens more often than most know.

A lot of people think that if you join a program and your sponsor is a heavy hitter or well known marketer that you will get the best.  The best help, the best training and the best spillover!  ( We will get to that nasty in just a sec.)  The real truth is you get none of it.  Your beloved hot shot sponsor is just too busy for little ol you!

And that Spillover Word!!  YIKES!  I do not know who created that one but if you are counting on that to be successful you best jump ship right now!!  There are no life boats coming to rescue you.  You will have to learn to swim so grab a life vest on your way over!
That is as mis-leading as you don't have to do anything to make this work OR it is FREE but you still get paid!  Wow, wonder who is footing that bill?

Oh, you think I sound P/O.  Nah.  Frustrated like the rest of you, Yes!  Disappointed, yes.  Quitting this IM nonsense..NO.  Yes, I feel like I have paid my dues but I am not about to sit on my laurels and wait for the damn ship to dock.  I am going to keep sharing so the little U and ME.......the REAL people will have a chance at Victory. 
I think part of the problem for many is NOT thinking with their business head on!  IM is not personal.  It is the farthest thing from personal and you should not be making decisions based on your personal feelings.  Oh they want you too.  That is a for sure!  But you can't do that any longer.  You need to think about your market.  How many people need or want what you have to sell.  What will your monthly costs be?  Will you be working on your own?

Tell me what do you think would be easier to promote to your list and that does include that beginner list we all make...friends and family....if you have any left. :)  Nutritional products and Skin Care or something like Anti-Virus S0ftware?  And let's say the splash page and Main Website are really flashy and professional, while the other is under construction but still viewable and most buttons work.  Who are you choosing? 
Now please do not mis-understand.  We need nutritional products and we need Green But there are sooooooooooo many!  How will your skills stack up?  The other underconstruction site selling you anti-virus software that is so state of the Art your jaw will drop is a new concept so everyone gets a chance.  Not just your big boys on Top.  But Everyone.  You can sell just one item and get paid.  You can sponsor just 3 people personally and get paid.

If you do your homework...........listen to this audio and then have a look at a couple of videos below.  Keep your business head on...........and your decision should be to take the final step.  Identity Theft is a Horror Show!

Watch these videos---I know they will scare you as much as they did me!!!

Then  Watch these 2 videos and ask yourself how comfortable you really are.

Emmunize:  The Problem-
Emmunize:  The Solution-

Click the link to Listen.... ( very short)

And Your Final Step  ......

Questions?  Doubts? Need more?  Contact me on skype  marketinggal1

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