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Aug 29th 2010 at 7:15 PM

“I feed the poor, I’m called a saint. I ask why the poor have no food, I’m called a communist.”

                                                                                                                      Dom Helder Camara



 Before the mumbo-jumbo about whatever i was going to say starts, let's talk about the Pineal Gland. As you might know, the Pineal Gland is located in our brain, as little as some of ours might be. Doctors use it to diagnose brain tumours, as it appears as a white little circle, right in the middle of the brain, on x-rays. Some cultures call it our Third Eye because of it's simililarities, in how it's composed with an eye ball, except much smaller and without iris. Most common representation is the red circle on the forhead, in India. Fact is, with your eyes closed, you can still "see", right? And whatever you want...right? Use's less hazardous to health than...


 Seasonal Sales

 Right, so your index finger is begging you for some holidays from TE's? Sick of seeing the same 4 ads on your fav PTC? Getting funnelled vision because of staring for so long at ads? Fear not, my friend, i can't help're too addicted to it. Wish you the best of luck on your recovery though...Online money making is supposed to be easy, all you need is the free tools every one is trying to sell to you, right? So you join and click and surf and run for a pee, come back, click some more, geez, you forgot to feed the fish...for real?

 On those "holidays", check what's your next Bank Holiday, join an affiliate network like, for example, this one, choose a merchant and display it's ads on your website...or blog, if it's this's not exactly a blog, it's a "recommendations" website. Most people go there looking for real, sourced information, they're not there to make money. Get it? Learn to write your views about whatever your promoting. While you're "surfing", you're vegetating. While you're writing, you're creating.

 Valentines? Jewllers, gift shops...

 Christmas? Pfff, any, almost...even letters for Santa! You'd be making money from little kids! Tsc, tsc, shame on you.

 National Days? Novelty shops

 Winter/Spring? Dating, Sex-Shops   <-- Most profitable time of the year, wonder why...

 Summer/Autumn? Travel, Resorts, Hotels

   Yes, remember? Outside that box, there's seasons, birthdays, bank holidays and lazy people willing to buy online. 24/7/364+. 

 Please, tell me that while the ones looking for items that they want to buy, willing to spend their money, providing you a commission, with better chance of becoming a return customer than in Clickbank, you're not giving away free ebooks that turn out to be not so broke people trying to make money online.

 It just doesn't make sense.

 I'd rather have one return customer commission's than 100 referrals on a PTC, TE or SL. Let's face it, you create an article to a gadgets shop, it stays there forever. People visit, rate, share, might click, might buy, might become return customers to that particular shop, today, tomorrow, in a year, you passed away and left your accounts details to your kids...just need to check earnings, on the affiliate network...on the other hand, most people get bored of clicking and surfing for pennies...

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