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What Does A Music Pr Company Do?

Oct 2nd 2015 at 2:51 AM

For over twenty years has been representing artists who are both household names from Van Morrison to Nickelback and online pr for the likes of Mick Jagger through to The Kinks , helping the likes of Newton Faulkner build a career and Best of projects for  Ministry of Sound through to Mariah Carey , but it is now due to our Label Services structure that helps growing acts create a framework for development of their music , that we have now been focusing more on for the past three or four years. The question we are forever discussing and also have done the odd...some might say , very odd.. video blog [ check out quite great tv relates to what does a music pr company do.

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The answer is not a simple one as it divides into many different aspects of music promotion but in simple terms a traditional music pr agency focuses on working with an artist to build up print media coverage by using their contacts and over a period of time introducing them to the print media and aiming to get coverage to help them progress. Other pr companies act purely in the online arena and approach blogs or websites in order to gain traction for videos and other related music tools in order to build an online presence on hypemachine etc and niche music areas like Hearmeraw, diagnosismusic , mydadrocks etc..

Then you have the term pr being used for television or radio pluggers . These companies who specialize in developing local or / and national profile at the likes of Heart to Radio 1 or local tv news slots through to frontline areas like ‘The One Show’ or ‘Later with Jools’.WWW.QUITEGREAT.CO.UK have developed a label services team who handle all these pr elements and create a cost effective way of releasing music and promoting it, but for the one off services where you are looking for only for example local radio , national radio or tv promotion then there are many companies who offer these standalone services.

Over the years of running press offices at Polydor, Jive, Mca i have been lucky enough to work with labels such as Fiction, Motown , The Really Useful Group and many more so i have always seen a music pr’s job as one of taking major acts through a focused and organised pr plan that encompasses news, reviews, interviews, competitions and the all important creative story that grabs appropriate headlines. With bands starting out or releasing only their second or third single / ep etc , it is this creative aspect that is all important once the music pr company has helped gain a solid foundation of media coverage. The key is to try and develop a growing fanbase and not believe you can hit out with the big creative angle too early as there will be no one to truly embrace the story until you have fans to reach out to.

The creative publicity side of what music pr companies should focus on is what we have always enjoyed doing , and these stories we have described in our office as ‘splash stories’ , you will see these stories in gossip columns , Sunday papers, tabloids etc and these are what we have in many ways become known for hence when talking to music pr agencies always look at what kind of pr they offer and what it is that gives the real value for money, make sure you have a team of people working for you if you are being offered numerous pr services and make sure you speak to the team as together it will be team work that helps your band or your music breakthrough.

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