What do those letters stand for?

Jul 3rd 2011 at 8:44 PM

The advent and subsequent widespread growth of text messaging (and text advertising) have forever changed the online lexicon.

The abbreviations that started as a way to conserve character count and make 10-key messaging easier (think "LOL" "How RU" and "THX") have not only stuck around, they have actually grown in complexity and popularity - despite the end of character limits and the popular availability of full QWERTY keyboards on most mobile devices.

If you have ever wondered what those various combinations of letters represent, here is a brief list with simplified definitions that you will hopefully find useful:

FOREX - foreign [currency] exchange.  Sometimes also abbreviated as FX.  A global system of currency exchange.  Precious metals are also part of the FOREX market.  Basically, it allows currencies of one country to be traded for currencies of another.  There are many national and international laws surrounding currency exchange, so it is important to find a recognized and reputable financial institution when considering a foray into the FOREX industry.  Some traffic exchanges and advertisers do not permit the advertising of FOREX websites or business opportunities.

HYIP - high yield investment program.  If an "investment opportunity" sounds too good to be true, chances are - it is.  Many (not all) HYIPs are scams.  My recommendation is to avoid such programs in their entirety.  It is important to note, however, that many legitimate programs and businesses offer lucrative compensation for sales, clicks, referrals, and so forth.  Being able to make alot of money from the sale of products and services is not a sign of a HYIP - the lack of a product or service is.  The HYIP red flag is raised when all you are asked to do is invest money (into what?) and "do nothing."  Always know what you are buying.

IP - internet protocol.  A universal set of rules (locations, priorities, security levels, etc) designed to allow all of the devices that make up the internet to communicate with one another in an organized fashion.  An IP address is essentially the officially recognized "name" of a specific device or location on the internet, represented by a specific, systematic set of dots and numbers.

MLM - multi level marketing.  A form of sales organization in which members benefit from referrals' sales (and referrals' referrals' sales) in addition to their own.

MRR - master resale rights.  Authorization to offer a digital publication, usually for sale (just because you can sell something doesn't mean you have to; resale rights also give the reseller permission to give away the item/service at no cost, if so desired).  See an example of resellable downloads here:  http://www.bigholidaycash.com/jdenslow

OTO - one time offer.  A tactic used to entice a purchase or upgrade.  This usually takes the form of a special offer (or introductory offer) inserted in the middle of - or immediately following - the enrollment/sign up process.

PLR - private label rights or private labeling rights.  The ability to affix your name, title, endorsement, and/or some other limited form of information onto a digital publication, also sometimes described as personalization or customization.

PTC - paid to click.  When an incentive is provided to the visitor of a website when he/she arrives through a designated link or advertisment.  (A list of proven, free-to-join PTC programs can be found here:  http://freeyesfree.homestead.com)

PTP - paid to promote.  When an incentive is provided to those who advertise a particular website.  Some advertising venues restrict the advertising of PTP websites/programs.

PTR - paid to read.  When an incentive is provided to the visitor of a website when he/she arrives through a designated e-mail or text message advertisement.

SEO - search engine optimization.  A process by which a website's search engine ranking is enhanced, usually through a combination of title, META tag, and context revisions & the use of backlinks.

TE - traffic exchange.  Programs on the web designed to deliver reciprocal visitors to member websites; you visit someone's website and another member visits yours.

URL - uniform resource locator.  Basically, a website address or link that contains the whole designation, such as http://banneradsweeps.homestead.com/index.html

WAREZ - wealth and riches easy.  This term is almost synonymous with HYIP (above), but is a more broad definition of a risky/unethical/illegal website or program.  WAREZ sites are usually not forthcoming about things like company addresses and contact information.  Again, it is important to distinguish a legitimate business opportunity that features a lucrative compensation model from one that is simply a sham operation.  If you are asked to pay money and "do nothing and earn thousands in no time," take a deeper dive before making an enrollment or buying decision.


As an online marketer, I have experienced the benefits of many of the concepts listed above.  Some of those OTOs, for example, really are fantastic deals that are never offered again!  Of course, like anything else, it is always best to research your purchases and programs before investing your time and/or your money in them.  Hopefully, being armed with the information above will help you make those decisions.

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