What Are the Various Maintenance Activities Required For Air Conditioners

May 25th 2015 at 2:42 AM

If you have air conditioner installed at your premises then it is important to regularly maintain its coils, filters and fins in order to provide you better service. If you neglect maintenance of your air conditioner then steadily its performance will decline and its power consumption will increase.  There are few companies such as Houston air conditioning contractors, who are well suited for providing such maintenance services.

Following are few of the important maintenance activities, which needs to be regularly done with the help of your service provider.


Filters are most important item to be kept in clean condition. In due course of time, dust particles block the filter, which will obstruct normal airflow and the efficiency of the air conditioner will be reduced. In longer run, dust particles will reach to evaporator coil, which will reduce its heat absorbing capacity. By cleaning or replacing the air filter, you can reduce the power consumption of your AC.

If you have installed central air conditioner then its filter is generally located in ceilings, walls, or in the furnace of the AC. In case of Room AC filters, they are generally mounted on grill facing the room. There are many kinds of filters. Some are reusable while some need to be replaced after certain period. Depending upon the frequency of usage, these filters need to be cleaned or replaced.


Condenser and Evaporator coil generally collects all the dirt during the operation of AC. If the filter is cleaned regularly then the life of evaporator coil will also increase. If the coils are dirty, then airflow will reduce and therefore it is essential to maintain its cleanliness. Also, keep the area around the coil clean.


Make sure that aluminum coil fins of condenser and evaporator coil are properly positioned. If they are bent then it can block the airflow.


If the drains are clogged then it will increase humidity and as a result, the moisture will be developed, which can discolor the wall.  Therefore, make sure that drains are not having any obstruction, so that water can easily flow out from the AC.


Make sure that there is no leakage in the path of air ducts. If any leakage is developed then it will reduce the efficiency of the AC. During maintenance activity, it is important to identify leakage etc. If there is any then the same must be sealed and insulated. If the ducts are well maintained, then your Air conditioner will give better performance.


These thermostats are meant for maintaining proper temperature in the environment as per the setting made. The temperature will be automatically controlled by these parts. Make sure that these thermostats are in working condition and it trips after the set temperature limit is crossed.



If some of the old air conditioners are in very bad shape, then it becomes too expensive to repair them.  Even if you repair them, it will consume too much energy. Therefore, it is a good idea to replace such AC.

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