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Welcoming All The New Members of This Group!

Nov 16th 2010 at 6:32 PM

November 16, 2010

Welcoming All The New Members of This Group!

The title says it all, helping one another become the best they can be.  I designed this group with that in mind, if all did a little we would actually grow and grow as we have.  When we help one another we are doing it for the rewards of seeing someone achieve their dream and goals being accomplished.

No sense joining a group if you are not going to be active within the group, why join because it looks good on your profile the number of groups you have joined, or perhaps just makes you feel good, like you actually accomplished something today.  Who are you really kidding no one other then yourself, failure has entered your mind already, not a good thing to deal with.

Of all the groups l have created, this was my favorite group, for the simple reason of what the titles say's why l decide to publishing it again and work it.  The power of helping one another is a lost commodity in today's busy environment we have no time for helping ne another, just the me, me attitude.  Can we actually re program our thinking and really have the ability to help one another?  You need to look in the mirror and answer that question yourself.

Why This Group Will Succeed

You as members decided to join this group for your own personal reason, which l can live by, we all have dreams and goals we want to accomplish.  So you had to have seen something that trigger your mind to click the join up button, glad you did.  Everything in life had to be build and had some sort of plan to be follow in order for it to exist.  This group and all my other groups will have the correct formula for your success.  I take each member who joins, posts a comment seriously and provide them with feedback.  So far am l making sense here.  If i am; continue reading if not then that is OK also.

What would happen if all 90 plus members of this group did the same thing l just did, post  a discussion, comment and provide a "TOP IT" if they liked the article.  Stop for a second or two, thinking about what l just stated.  What if, we all did this, what would happen with this group we would create endless links incoming and also backlinks back to each of our own sites.  "YEA" pipe dream, not happening with all members, we our creatures by habits, most of the time bad habits.

So saying all of the above so far, and now that l do have your full attention, we will proceed with the steps that will take us to the level of fully understanding what the title of this group true meaning is.  I will post the following steps as soon as l see l have your full attention.  Once l see that l will then introduce logical facts that will enhance all of the above, at a slow pace, many here will not grasp all of this but l rather teach someone who has a burning desire then a know it all.

Now l would like to fully thank all of the new members who have and will join this group, once you do post an article l will promote it like you never expected.  All you need to do is watch how many hits you get, each hit means someone viewed you, the more the better..


All The Best,

Joseph F. Botelho

If you have what it takes and the desire to change then you may join this group by clicking and the below link.  Welcome aboard, sharing with us all your talents...


Please to comment
Nov 19th 2010 at 8:09 PM by gerardoantonio
i think your group has got to be great ..i will check it. www.esocialthis.tk www.gerardo-vazquez-alfaro.qapacity.com
Nov 17th 2010 at 10:48 AM by flconversation
jfb - I only can underline your comment. The most important issue is to get in contact with your target, people who are interested in the same field. There are so many topics out there. When you are able to talk to them like we do here on IMfp, than results will follow. That's my experience so far.
Nov 16th 2010 at 6:44 PM by jfbmarketing
Sad part of it all most blogs and money making concepts articles provide you with one thing, get your wallet out. To become truly successful on the internet marketing game is about understand how the internet works, not many do, join program and all my dreams will come true...Not happening...most will never work it....on to the next bright idea.......only way to really generate traffic to your site is by creating traffic to come to your site like inviting friends to your party. when you do this it takes time commitment and an effort on your part. When we work as a team, we will accomplish much more then if we did it alone. How the internet works, it needs links, incoming, backlinks etc, etc, etc..........how the spiders who crawl the internet look for......I will provide you with an example....the blog l created what 5 or 6 weeks ago has moved from 4.6 million rank to now 3.8 million in ranks not bad at all why......what l will teach you look at it learn from it.........but no free ride here....i need you to learn how to do it...........then we all benefit like the title of this group.......... All The Best Joseph F. Botelho

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