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Weight Loss Program as a Family Project

Sep 13th 2010 at 4:06 AM

Many people today, worldwide, are trying to lose weight. Few succeed but many fail either miserably or are unable to keep the weight off for any reasonable length of time. Many ways of losing weight have been discussed and thousands of pages have been written about the subject. Recently one revolutionary method has  been sugested. Lose weight as a family. Make it a family project. The logic of this method seems very rational. When a member of a family is not eating healthy foods, the rest of the family is probably engaged in the same behaviors. Working together as a family to lose weight can be the incentive needed to actually do it. After all, everyone wants what is best for his/her family.

Plan healthy meals together. Share domestic duties. For instance, have your spouse go grocery shopping, while you cook and the children do the dishes. Whenever you cook a healthy meal, make extras to take to work the next day. This stops reliance on take-out and fast foods. Cooking together also helps the family to bond better and can teach both you and your children valuable life skills.

Join a gym together as a family. Some gym establishments offer family discounted prices if three or more members of a household join the same gym. One other advantage is the better facilities and equipment found at the gyms. They are far better than any exercising machines you may have at home. As a family, you can also play tennis, racquet ball or some other game together and motivate each other to work out. Some gyms even have fun family oriented activities, such as family softball leagues and indoor swimming competitions.

When you want to lose weight, working together as a family to set goals can also work really well. Setting goals is important for any weight loss program. Work as a family to push one another to achieve the goals that are set together. Some husband and wife teams may even like some friendly competition when losing weight. For example, challenge your spouse to prepare for a marathon, train together, and then compete together in the actual race to see who finishes first or who finishes most of the race.

A family weight loss project is a very strong motivation to see the program through.No matter how much weight you want to lose, it is always easier to do so when you have people to help you along the way. Your family is perfect for this. You live together and already know one another’s eating and work out habits. When you lose weight together, you also have a great chance to bond, providing strong family ties and better relationships in general. Losing weight is never easy, but with a little help from your family members, all of your weight loss goals can definitely be achieved, one at a time.

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