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Nov 24th 2010 at 11:37 AM

The first time I laid my eyes on it didn't really impressed me that much simply because not only the sound from the video scared the crap out of me when I first heared it but I couldn't send any email ads right away.

I was sifting through the whole site so fast and clicking on every drop menu looking for my free 300 credits and couldn't find it.  I signed up a week before they opened it up for all members to send their first email ad but when that day came, there were server or software problems, so that created more delay.

That first week, I kept emailing and chatting with Darren Olander ( the owner) with every problem I had with Adchiever and I was so blown away by his composure.  As soon as I sent him an email or a question through Gmail chat, Darren responded immediately.  I mean is this guy for real? other owners would have ignored me outright for asking too many stupid questions.

That's when I realized that Darren Olander not only cares for his members but he is serious about his programs, he wants to succeed just like everyone else and he is willing to do whatever it takes to be successful.  Having said that, he can a bit stubborn sometimes and I will tell you why later.

Profitable Email Marketing

What I love about that compelled me to upgrade is the over all professional look of not only the front page but the back office and the video squeezepage too. This list builder program or safelist program will give you that impression that it means business. The color scheme, the design, the feel and look of this site is top notch.  It's what successful program should look like.

Now here's some of the things that I don't like about

- no personalization on the video squeezepage

- no bonus credits on clicklinks

- no solo ads with upgrades

- no security feature when clicking and opening email ads.

Here are some of the things I love about and why it's worth to upgrade.

- as an upgraded member, I was able to rack up 50,000 email ad credits in 12 days due to generous bonus credits upon completing certain achievements.  That's why it is called Adchiever, get it?

- it encourage all members to open emails, which accounts for the high click through rates. My first email ads received 10 % click through rate and my second was 7 %

- it only uses one email address when signing up instead of 2. The likelyhood that a member might use a good email address instead of a junk one is much higher which in turn will give you better result.

- the ability to track your email ad campaign

- you can promote your business or your programs through login page, banner ads

- video squeezepage tips on how to improve your ads using list builder programs.

- I know that some internet marketers out there that don't like the video to automatically play as soon as it pops on the screen but according to Darren, it's design that way to get people's attention and the stubborn guy that he is, I don't think he's going to change it because it does work.  If he believes something will benefit you as marketer and will bring you more signups and more sales, he won't change it.

In conclusion even though didn't exactly get out of the gate with a lot of fanfare, Darren Olander should be proud of what he created here, a list builder that's a little bit different from it's competition and in the long term it will stand out as one of the highly touted, highly respected list builder program in the industry.

If you don't have an account. Sign up right now and upgrade ! and I can show you how to rack up 50,000 or more ad credits in 12 days.

Profitable Email Marketing

Till next time.


Paul Penafiel

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