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3 years ago

Website Home Business Tutorial

Nov 17th 2011 at 3:19 PM

The 5 Simple Steps To Profit

Step 1: Finding a host for your website.

There are hundreds of hosts out there, which one do you use !
Things to compare are bandwidth, sever side software like PHP
and Mysql databases.  FTP access and email accounts.

Here is a Free and Paid host that can get you going quickly.
They offer pro features even with their free hosting.
There are no ads and we have sites with them that do very well.

Web Hosting

Step 2: Choosing your content
Your site should be built around something you like.
Something that interests you and something you would enjoy
researching and writing about.
Your content needs to be original, so start by just writing an introduction
paragraph to your site in your own words.
Tell your users what they will find on your site and how it
will benefit them to explore it.
You can also use free content available around the web.
Try to keep the majority of your content unique and original.
We offer many free clip art images on these two sites.

Assorted Free Clipart
Webmaster Clipart

Step 3: Laying out your pages

Lets say you've decided on a site about cats, cat lovers and owning a
cat as a pet. You have your content subject, but there are things
you need to place along side of your content to make a complete website.
The most important is probably a privacy policy.
You don't have to be a lawyer or hire one.
The information you need is online already.
You can create a free basic standard privacy policy here.

Free privacy policy

The less you do on your site the simpler the policy needs to be.
At FunwithyourPC our policy mainly deals with cookies because
we collect no email addresses, require no memberships and collect
no personal information in any data bases. And all credit card transactions
are handled by a 3rd party. We recommend Paypal.
You can find a lot more information on privacy by searching Google.

2nd you will need a contact link.
An email address will work.

Contact Us

You can copy and paste this code to your site.
Just replace the email address with yours.
A phone number and address are much more effective to build
visitor trust.

Step 4: Choosing your income streams

You need to have your pages finished before completing this
step. You can investigate your income sources, but do not
apply to, submit to or enroll in any programs until you
have a minimum 3 page site online. The reason for this
is you could be turned down before you have a chance to start.
Make sure all your page links work.

W3C Free Link Checker

Check the simple things, make sure there are no spelling errors.
Have someone read your pages and tell you what they think.
When you are satisfied that your site works and has
good accurate content. Choose your income sources.

You can apply to a paid ad service.

Google AdSense minimum 100 dollar payout.
And there are many other programs you can look at.

Affiliate programs.
Google Affiliate Network
Simple link and creative delivery tools and
detailed reporting.
Google Affiliate Network

Here are 3 great links to help you find an affiliate program.

Any program that you join will supply you with the link code you need to send referrals and get paid. The important thing here is not to go join every program on the planet. Join one or 2 for now. No more then 3 programs tops. You have to give your programs your full attention to get started right. Give it time to show results. At least a month and maybe more. Remember some items are seasonal and only do well at certain times. Like flowers, they usually do much better around holidays. Use the tools available in your programs, any tutorials, sales advice coupon codes, special offers etc.

Step 5: Getting traffic to your website

This is an ongoing process, it takes time to be indexed by search engines,get approval on sites and do all the ground work to promote your site.

Traffic source 1:
One of the fastest ways to traffic, is to get your site on a toplist. Topsite lists are valuable traffic providers. Topsites are site lists focused around a common topic, for example games, pets, music etc. They are for the most part a low volume traffic source. However it is quality traffic as the list is relevant to your site and sends visitors interested in your products.

They are free to use and only require a back link from your site. The back link tracks your hits and records it as a vote or click for your site. The more votes, the higher your site moves up the list. This also provides an inbound link that will help to get your site indexed by search engines.

Here is an example of a top site list.

top sites

Traffic source 2:
Forum Sigs or signature links. Forums are websites that allow members to post questions or topics. Other members can then post a reply or answer to the question or topic. Some forums allow their members to include a Sig or signature link under each post that links directly back to your website. Choose the right forum, one that is relevant to your site. And be helpful make genuine comments and give helpful answers in your comments and replies. Below is and example of a forum that allows signature links. There are many more online you can find by asking in a forum or using search.
Digital Point Forums

Traffic source 3:
Article directories, sites where you can author an article and submit it for publishers to reprint it for free on their site in exchange for a link back to your site. Two popular article directories are and

Traffic source 4:
Your site content, getting ranked by search engines.
SEO ( Search engine optimization )is a slow process and it takes a lot of time to rank higher on search engines.
Keep your site updated original and accurate and search traffic will come.

Traffic source 5:

Paid Text and Banner ad impressions

We will be writing another article to cover this approach to traffic. If you choose to pay to advertise keep a strict budget and track your results to know what works and what does not work.


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