Website Building Software - Advantages and Factors to Consider

Feb 20th 2015 at 1:50 AM

Website building is a complicated process especially the design and programming aspects. This kind of work includes detailed attention at all levels with plenty of error and trial processes.

If you decide to hire a professional website developer then how can you forget the expense and time needed to plan, email, chat or phone before getting a satisfactory design? In brief, this whole process can turn out to be an expensive interruption in your business dealings.

Today, you can personally build your business site using website building software. Investing a little money in the software is a sensible idea in comparison with disruption in business operating costs. If you attain a sufficient level of function, performance and quality from website building software, then why not use it.

Advantages of website builder software

Inexpensive - Hiring web developer to create you site can probably turn out to be quite costly, if you are unaware of your needs, you add features or alter during the process.

You will be charged roughly $300 to $2000 (excluding hosting and upgrade charges) just for website creation. Alternatively, simple website builder costs $5 monthly and comprehensive e-commerce site costs $30 per month.

Quick creation - Timeframe of having customized web portal created by professionals can be lengthy and time-consuming. The web designer has to first understand your business needs, accomplish the necessary feature layout and visualize a suitable design.

With Sitezulu, an online site builder, you can create your website much quickly because all you need is to choose a pre-built design and tailor it. Your site will be created and active in half an hour.

Simple to use - You may be concerned about your lack of website building skills. Fortunately, website builders include wizards that support you. There is no need to be technically skilled about coding and programming. Just click buttons or drag& drop features in place.

Your fear about messing the site building process and ending up with a horrible looking site will be proved wrong because the software generally separates the content you insert from the code below it. You will not damage the appearance of your website in any way.

Wide features - An entire feature set is available with the website builder package from the beginning. You can add more features immediately or pay for it. Alternatively, a web developer will charge you for additional features and you can even experience a delay in implementation.

Features compatibility - Optional features that can be added to your site like polls, blogs or forms are incorporated in the web builder system that is compatible with various scripts from different sources, just how web designers intend to do.

Free upgrades - Today, the significance of integrating new technology features like social channels, video or e-commerce is needed to get an edge. To upgrade your customized site with new features, you will have to pay, but with website creating software, you will obtain it as free upgrades.

Accessibility - You can access all the available facilities at any time or place. With an internet connection, you can modify your site from any location around the world.

From the above factors, you can see how easy it is to create professional site without investing plenty of upfront money as well as upgrade and control your site anytime.

Available features of website building software

· Design features include drag & drop, page transition effects, sitemap assistant, script support, roll over creation, automatic page naming

· Other features include search & replace functions, automatic file backup, spell checker, social media integration

· Templates include additional online and mobile-optimized templates ( 50 to 2000+ templates)

· Design tool include more than 1000 images, adjustable compressions, image cropping, resize without distortion, automatic re-sampling, online image database, thumbnail creator

· Multimedia support includes video, animation, audio & sound, animated GIFs, flash, QuickTime

· It supports windows 7 & 8, Vista & XP

· Help & Support includes live chat, video tutorials, email, telephone, FAQs

There are many website developing system and programs available online that can cost you a small amount to rise and start running.

The website creating programs include free, cheap and inexpensive options that can be challenging to select.

Online free site builders - Several site-hosting companies give you access to free website builder along with hosting package. Basically, free resources come with some drawback like restrictions on pages, pay for upgrades, create basic sites only and lack of flexibility.

A basic site may not be of the same standard as your competitors website built professionally. Moreover, you will not be able to add videos, sound media or other features that can help your business grow. You will not be able to change your host and need to begin from scratch with a new web host.

Website building software - You will have to buy the application and download it from the internet. You can even buy a CD package from the local shop. Follow the instructions and install the program. Next, allow the in-built wizard to direct you through different choices like which design template, features to integrate, media selection and more. Add your text and upload your site on the internet.

The major advantage is that you have to pay just once. Your future expense is the monthly web hosting expense. With the software on your PC, you can even change to another webhosting company quickly and promptly.

Online payable site builders- Dedicated hosting companies provide online payable website builders. There is no need to install any software. Once you pay, a username and password is given. You get a free trial period to get the feel of the program. You can even benefit from extra features and upgrades that are added automatically.

Factors to consider, while selecting a website builder system

· Clear instructions - Step by step instructions or video tutorials that show exactly how to create your website must be provided

· Designs - Check the quality of provided templates before paying

· Resources - Think about the features, you will need in future, when your business develops. Find out if the host provides resources like music, video, animation, polls, adverts, forms and more.

· Support - Check the kind of support facilities available to resolve your issues, when your site is experiencing downtime. Do not wait for issues to rise, but find out before buying a package.

· Changes - Will you be allowed to buy your personal domain name? Can you transfer your site to other website hosting company? Can you transform your site into an e-commerce website?

· Free trial - Look for a month’s trial period before signing up to thoroughly test the services.

· User-friendly - Your website creator must be user-friendly. If the program proves difficult to apply during the free trial period, do not use it.

· Payments - Read the payment policy properly.


In the end, evaluate the facilities and services provided by the website building software. If it suits your business then the program will be valuable. You will obtain a satisfactory website from scratch with lots of savings included.

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