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We Need Technical writers on the Web

Jul 14th 2010 at 10:46 PM

Thanks to an anonymous post I've solved my Firefox/calender problem. Under Tools>right click Integrated Gmail>Select calendar and remove it.

That worked for me. Thank you, whoever you are!


I've decided we need good technical writers on the web. Most informational texts are written by users at this point. I've found that with the exception of just a few, most things I've wanted to look up are missing critical steps to solving even some of the most elementary newbie problems. I took a class in Dreamweaver, too long ago to remember ANY of it. Just trying to find out how to use FTP on my Mac took hours to glean the "extras" left out of all the how-to's that i could find.

Evidently, we've come to accept incomplete directions from manufacturers, including Apple, if there ever existed a manual at all. As systems are upgraded we're supposed to pop for the new hardware or software upgrade AND the manual that's going to come out written by someone that bought the hardware or software when we did. They produced it because they wanted someone to be able to use it. Why don't the software producers also produce a manual?? I know… because we'll buy the software without the manual! Why go to the extra effort just to make a couple of extra bucks and then be chastised for omitting something. By buying these things we've created the problem.

No one wants to start at the beginning and take you completely through the process. There's always something left out. "Well, i thought everyone would know that!" Why should I have to find someone in grades 3-5 to show me how to use an iPod? No one else will take the time to do so. There ought to be a primer somewhere.

By now most of us have learned that you don't buy a car that's been put together on a Monday or Friday, not that many of us are still buying new cars. There's always something missing or broken. We've also learned we should avoid the bleeding-edge of technology by upgrading to the newest version of anything. We've learned that we should wait for the first recall or at least the first 3 or 4 revisions before laying out your cash.

Have you ever wondered why some newer software comes complete with install AND uninstall directions?? There you go!

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Aug 25th 2010 at 2:26 AM by yhbecpublisher
Fantastic article Dan! I am in the process of setting up some training domains that are step by step (well I hope they are).

I'll be in touch soon by message, this got me thinking you may be able to help me iron out some of the wrinkles I might not see. Cheers 8-D Soroya
Aug 25th 2010 at 1:49 AM by phmoisan
Hi Dan, I agree with you wholeheartedly. Just yesterday, I bought a product about installing a WordPress plug-in. There were some training videos, and a PDF. It was clear the seller was taking things for granted, it was frustrating. I told myself I would put all the dots above the Is and the bars on the Ts.

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