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Feb 28th 2011 at 12:26 PM

New - new  -new - new - new - new - new - new - new - new - new - new - new

March 28th - NEW Pay it Forward Program is LIVE!

Here is how this model works...

You can use your TFT Bank  Account to easily upgrade your Free Loaders with just a few clicks - You simply select which member you want to "Pay it Forward" for and then click "Upgrade Member" you will instantly see $25.00 debited from your account.

This member will receive a special email and they will be flagged in our system so when they login for the first time they will be able to easily set up their membership.

March 21st - NEW UPDATE PAGE

We have been in pre-launch now for exactly 3 weeks! (21 days) and we have done some pretty amazing things in this short period of time. Right now we have over 41,000 Free Loaders and as of this writing 14,602 upgraded members! (That's an average of 695 members per day!)

We are in full blown "development" mode which means you will see A LOT cool changes, new features and improvements coming over the next few weeks. This homepage is now going to be an update page every day or every few days so you can easily login and see what is coming out next.

What is available today...
1. New Video Email System
2. New Country "Top 25 List" is now live
3. Autoresponders and Free Loader Emails are now going out


Add yourself to our Facebook Page and our Twitter Page if you haven't already, AND check our Blog too as we are just getting everything synced up together and will be running a lot of updates and support through these channels. This way you don't have to rely on email alone. Together so that no matter where you are in the world you can stay up to date with us.


"The train are leaving the station, get onboard now.

This company is attracting EVERYONE
who looks at it. We have something so
big here people can just FEEL IT!

And now, we can already prove it.

If you want to be inside from the very first start, do registration now.

Go this liks:


My Free Thing


The Free Thing

New Upcoming Changes...

Although there’s good value with your membership
right now ($1,200+ in ONE WEEK) we will soon
have many times this and within the next week you
will see a completely new freebie module that will
include local freebies, birthday offers, and very time
sensitive deals.

We have A TON of great stuff coming and we want
to share it all with you. Join us on our Special Webinar
this Wednesday  March 9th at 3pm PST, 6pm EST.

Both owners of the company will be on the Webinar
to give you a look at EVERYTHING That Free Thing

is doing right now, and in the very near future.

We will be taking your questions live and answering
them… unedited, uncut, and in person!

Come ask us ANYTHING!!!!

To Register for the Webinar go:
or Click Here to register directly

We look forward to sharing our vision with you
-TFT Support Tea
We have added a Leaderboard in the members area so you can see who the top enrollers are in the company. Some of the names on this list are pretty incredible and we will have some HUGE prizes for people who make the top 10 leaders (details available soon)

This is going to change lives!
-That Free Thing Support Team


Good job guys!

It's pretty crazy to have over

10,000 members in 10 days.


My Personal Website(s):

We have many websites that will allow you to promote your business however you want. You can promote the business side, the free product side, or anything in between. Each website has it's own domain name so you can promote them all!

NOTE: Right now during our "Leaders Preview" there is only 1 template  available

What is That Free Thing?

Simply put, we provide thousands of Free Products & Free Services to our members from companies all over the world.

Our products are updated daily and we have over 8 years of experience finding and negotiating the best free stuff available.

We are THE ONLY website that ensures you gain access to time-sensitive offers on a daily basis - including price mistakes, limited-time offers, small-batch coupons for free products and more!

It's no secret that companies are always looking to acquire customers and the best way to do this is by giving away something for FREE. That Free Thing is a delivery system that puts you directly in front of these offers. We will never share junk, scams, schemes or other time wasters and we promise to only share real free stuff with our members.

We provide stuff like...

- Free product samples.
- Free promotional items
- Free trials for services.
- Free service offers.
- And more...

What you won't get from us...

- Fake free offers that require you to sign up to various offers.
- Never ending surveys in exchange for a free sample.
- Scams, schemes or time wasting not-so-free marketing gimmicks.

How can this stuff be free?

Companies give away free samples of their products and services all the time because it's a very effective way to get people to try them. Especially right now, with the global economy down companies are giving away more free stuff than ever before. The problem is they don't have the budgets to advertise them effectively. That's where we come in! We scour the Internet and various sources to provide the best of the best free offers.

That Free Thing iPhone App - Launches March 1st


We have created an iPhone app (Android coming soon) to alert our members of expiring and quick-moving offers. We have built in an incredible alert system that sends you a text message or email if you choose and even allows you to map and find freebies in your local area.

By delivering our free products and services through the mobile platform this opportunity has the chance to go viral very fast!

Whenever there is a great deal you will be notified instantly so you can take advantage!

All these things add up to one important fact... This is a business you can build and COUNT ON for a lifetime of income!

Our Leadership Team...

That Free Thing is built by leaders who have over 40 years of combined network marketing experience. We think like distributors and act like distributors, because we are distributors and that's who we care most about.

There is NOTHING LIKE THIS opportunity anywhere in the marketplace, period!

We believe That Free Thing has no limits to how big it can be. We are open in every country around the world and as we continue to expand our worldwide membership base the value we will be able to offer to our members will be incredible.

(Imagine Groupon on Steroids with an MLM backend payout... HUGE!)

That Free Thing Founder - Seth Fraser

Over the past 6 years Seth Fraser has been the go-to "Freebie King" for finding and negotiating free products and services. He wrote the book on how to get free stuff. Literally!

As the author of "The Legal Thief", written in 2006, he was able to reveal little-known secrets about how to get free cars, motorcycles, jacuzzi tubs, concert tickets, food, drinks, flights, hotels, entertainment... Free EVERYTHING!

Seth was featured on radio stations across the country and revealed many of his industry secrets on how to acquire these great free products and services to listeners around the world. His ideas helped transform free products from an afterthought to a very real product - and it all started with writing a book on getting free stuff.

The secret that Seth discovered was almost unbelievable:

Large corporations WANTED to give away free products of high value, but they couldn't get the word out about them.

Most companies created a budget to give away great products, and then they ran out of money, so there was no budget to promote those products to people. Seth found the gaps in service and many of the ideas surrounding his book were brought to life.

But the hard part wasn't writing the book. The hard part was helping others apply what they learned from the book.

Our idea was that it would be a lot easier for people to get these great free products and services if we simply did the work for you and pointed you directly to them.

After years of working on a way to bring this idea to life and gather the best free products and services from around the world in one location, That Free Thing was born!

Now the power of a system that brings you incredible free products has been combined with one of the easiest ways to make incredible money from the comfort of your home.

The revolution continues. Pass on this exciting product to your friends and family and help them get great free products themselves. Working together we can create a great story for you!

INCREDIBLE VALUE - Only $25 to Join
Get Locked inLine NOW!

- Thousands of Free Products & Services
- Mass Marketing Platform to reach Millions
- Facebook and Social Networking Tools
- Our iPhone App (Android soon after)

Don`t miss this Rat Race, sign in now.

Ragards from


Steinar Flaatteng

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Mar 12th 2011 at 9:57 AM by TropicalBlueSea
Too much scrolling :D Will check later!
Mar 1st 2011 at 12:06 AM by Adstar
Great job Steinar. People should join this right away. One of the BIG ones for 2011
Feb 28th 2011 at 12:55 PM by BodySmart
This you have to read now.

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