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We all pay the „student money”

Jul 19th 2011 at 1:13 AM

I think we all remember how we begun our online business life. We strated to search the web - „how to make money online” – and among the search results there were millions of offers. We surfed a lot to get the information and of course we have choosen the ones that promised high income on free or low investment. We bgun to pump money in them, we begun to promote it on our simple and naive ways. Than at the end we got enough off this because we did not make even a dime.

Sound familiar? Of course yes. We all made such foolish steps in order to gain some extra money from home. The truth is that we all pay the student money. But let me ask a question. Why we learn thing in our own faults? Why don’t we invest in training sessions, educational ebooks? We will pay that student money eaither way but it’s not all the same. We can drop a lot of money off the window onto programs we thought it will make us rich but we only made someone else richer. As we must pay the price we should get something we need what will really help us.

I would suggest that before we even register an account on any programs or invest into a start of our own small business, learn. Learn on others mistakes. Learn from people who have made his/her fortune online already because they know the right way.

Of course you could say – I want to earn money not spend it – and you are right about it but you will only loose. Or you can register to various PTC (paid to click) programs clicking monthes hoping that they will pay you that $2… and voila you made $2 in about 2 month. I do not think this is the way you will get richer…

So my advice is that before you spend your money on hustles, learn instead. Get used to the online society, the online world. Buy educational ebooks, video sessions, webinars etc. Yes they cost you money but after you read/heared/watched tham you will get all the „weapons” you need to be cost effective and to begin to make money online. They can protect you from many mistakes. They teach you what and when to do. They can show you ways, methods, systems.

To tell the truth I’m in the eBusiness for many years now but I still buy new educational materials if they themed on a thing I do not really know yet. Knowledge is power and power is money.

We should talk about free educational materials. These are good. Mainly because they are free but do not forget one important thing about free courses. They real aim is to convince you to participate in a program. So be cautious. They contain useful informaion but you have to select it.

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