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Ways to Last Longer in Bed - Interesting Methods to Make a Man Last Longer

Jan 15th 2013 at 7:54 PM

It is very important on the part of the man to stay longer in the sexual intercourse session so as to satisfy the woman fully. As the woman orgasm relatively arrives late compared to that of the male counterpart so it is important for the male to understand that he must stay longer for a full fledged pleasure session. However, it is not that easy to last longer for a man in the bed.

This primarily happens because of the over anxiousness of the man. In general men get quite excited just dreaming about a sex session. So when the real performance time arrives they lose control over their body and do whatever their subconscious mind orders to do. This is not an ideal situation for any man wanting to have a nice and memorable bed-journey. To enjoy the session fully one must be in control of himself so that he can regulate his moves and speed. With proper and regular practice anyone can last longer in the bed which is very essential for a remarkable lovemaking session.

Delay your ejaculation:

Man ejaculates pretty soon at the first attempt. Before any kind of high stimulation and satisfaction the how good is stamina secret first ejaculation goes out. After that you need time to recuperate for the rest of the session. This leaves the woman waiting. Moreover it is not sure that after that break you will come to your aroused state or not. So, the best way to last longer in bed is to delay your first ejaculation. For that purpose you may adopt several techniques. It's up to you to find out which technique suits you best.

Masturbation can save you:

Masturbate prior to meeting the woman for sex. If possible do it within half an hour prior to the original session. Do not ejaculate at the first attempt. Make your penis hot and ready to ejaculate but do not ejaculate. Stop masturbating for a while till the penis shrinks a bit. Then resume masturbating. Repeat the process five-six times. Then only allow it to ejaculate. Make the masturbating session at least half an hour long. It will allow you to stay longer in the bed during the original lovemaking session.

The real-time technique:

On the other hand you can adopt a different technique to last longer in bed. Do not enter her in an abrupt manner. Indulge in extensive foreplay and oral sex. At least spend 20-30 minutes in such activities. It will help you to control your mind and the sexual organ which is essential to last longer in bed. Then invite your woman to start oral activities on your body parts. Make her do it for at least ten minutes with variable pace and intensity. Stop her just at the arrival of ejaculation. But do not ejaculate, try to restrict it somehow and let your organ go to a less excited state.

Resume the above mentioned process. Repeat the entire process for three-four times. This way you will get extra control over your sexual activities and ejaculation. If you adopt these techniques for 21 days then it will become a habit for you and all problems related to abrupt and hasty ejaculation will fade out.

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