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Jul 18th 2010 at 9:43 PM

This is a FREE viral traffic system.It works,but not as good as the hype on the sign-up page ...(nothing is going to get you 1 million hits in 30 days...I mean, come on!! I did advertise it for 30 days, and the result's are :  I have 29 people on my first level(promoting my page for me) and 9 people on my second level(also promoting for me)So I am getting some pretty good traffic to the site of my choosing,(you can change the web-page the traffic is sent to any time you want)

Here's how it works. when you sign-up for free you have to look at 6 websites,for 30 seconds each,at the end of the 30 seconds,a code pops up on the page,and you copy the "code" into the sign-up page.You repeat that process for the other 5 sites,until you have all the "codes".

Then you just ad your site to the sign-up page. Now when YOU promote your page with your affiliate link,people will have to look at your web-page for 30 seconds.This process has worked for me,and it will work for you too,IF you promote your page a lot for 30 days or so, to get the ball Rollin'.

Here's the link---->



Ok, the next thing I'm going to cover here is Twitter.Lot's of people "claim" to make money from Twitter, but it's real easy to tell a lot of it is hype.The truth is,The real money on twitter is having advertisers pay you to tweet a message for them.As simple as this sounds,This is really whats going on behind the scenes.The advertising is not on the twitter page,it's in the tweets.I have been paid MANY TIMES from advertisers wanting me to tweet to my 4000-10,000-20,000 followers.I have over 80 people under me in this,and I get 1 to 5, sometimes 9 payments a day,commissions,from my referrals.This means it is working for the people I got into this! And yes,it is free.Find out more about it here--->



I really don't have a reason to post my Blogspot address,Because it is nowhere close to how it should be...I just haven't found the time to adjust it and delete a lot of stuff that is not "immediately" usable.But I'm gonna post it anyway for the sake of :

1) back-links

2) an Idea of where you can start a blog for free

3) I just like putting my links all over the internet. :O) ---->

By the way,after a couple of days promoting my "blog" address,I have 44 followers on that blog. :P



This next site is a networking site like the one you are on right now.Go ahead and make a profile there.You never can get seen on enough websites,unless you put yourself there.



The next set of links I'm gonna list here are to a site where you can earn instant money.How it works is,When you sign up,it is totally free to join,after you confirm your email address,you will see the are literally hundreds of offers you can complete for money or points.The points you can exchange for merchandise at

There are lots of free offers,and free trails you can take and really get paid.

For example,I did an offer to accept a  free QZ. ring in exchange for my email address, and accept some promotional material in my email box.Basically I "opted in".Well I really did get the ring in the mail,and couple of weeks later,I  gave it to my Daughter Skyler,and she loved it!But back on the day I accepted the offer,I got $0.50 for taking the offer.I did another offer where I let them send a trial sample of some eye drops,and they sent me the eye drops,and taking the trial at the site was worth $1.00! Anyway, I made $2.75 in less than two hours and cashed out to my PayPal that day.

The reason I'm giving three links is to show the different things you can do at this website for money and FREE stuff.

The results of this so far are :

I have 28 people on my first level,and over 30 on my second level.I don't have anyone on my third level,but it's already in motion,I just give it a little push every now and then.



What I'm listing here next is some great place to get free traffic.All of these sites have sign-up bonuses that let you send email to anywhere from 1500 member's to 10,000 members,once a week for free,or by surfing for credits.Join 7 sites and mail 3,000 people a day, every day of the week....FREE.I some weeks send out 30,000 emails to these "lists".(that's where all my cashle referrals came from!)

There are literally THOUSANDS of these kind of sites,just join a few,and you will see all the ads for other"exchanges".

I use the Free bonus credits to test the site,and spend my money on the ones that produced good results.(but if you change the "ad" the results will vary,maybe for the worse)These are really good ones for me,and there's plenty of links inside them to other ones.

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Oct 31st 2010 at 11:39 PM by coolindiansurfer
Thx for sharing buddy
Oct 30th 2010 at 7:01 AM by philjansen
Thanks for the information Tristan, I will check it out. Have a blessed day! Please feel free to visit my website -
Oct 29th 2010 at 11:24 PM by drkelp
Thx for sharing. I have nearly made the princely sum of $10 at Sponsored Tweets but my downline is growing and I get small commissions everyday.

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