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Watch Love the Coopers Full Movie Free Online Streaming

Dec 4th 2015 at 8:26 AM
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I give it "1" because IMDb doesn't let me give it 0. I never wrote a review before, but seeing the average of 8.5 gave me a feeling of never being able to trust IMDb again.

I usually check movie scores in IMDb to decide if I should watch it in the theaters. Below 7 is lame (except for comedies which gets lower scores). 7 to 8 maybe. 8 and up must see (except for this movie). Seeing an 8.5 I went to the theater excited. I hope someone like me is out there and reads this review before he wastes his time and money with it.

What I saw: Boring, depressing, cynic, pessimist, average looking to slightly good looking girl has lung cancer. The audience is led to believe she is smart because she read the same book 1000 times over (doing that isn't smart) and goes to college (which she doesn't really).

She goes to a support group where good hearted, Christian, cancer survivor (which is made to look like a loser) helps young people who have cancer.

There, she meets 2 characters: 1) eye cancer guy who is going to have to remove them and has a huge boobed (to good for him) girlfriend, who will leave him 10 minutes later. 2) his friend, an extremely athletic, pretty, extremely confident guy (even though he's a virgin (yeah right *rolls eyes*)) who is also a cancer survivor (lost a leg to it, but is paradoxically still very athletic).

Even though his value on the meat market is much higher than the protagonist girl's value, he only has eyes for her, even without her saying anything but depressing things.

At the end of the meeting, if being athletic, pretty and confident isn't enough, a girl passes by him trying to get his attention (to show that even other girls are into him), so that the main girl can be certain that he's an alpha male, but she still give's him a hard time (because in every romantic movie a guy has to prove himself even beyond the shadow of a doubt that he's the man for a boring girl (the exception is when there are 2 awesome guys fighting for the same girl (Twilight))).

They start talking on the phone and she lends him her favorite book.

The leg cancer guy says that her book is amazing. And since the spoiled brat cancer girl has some stupid question she wants to make to the author, he decides to get them both a trip to Europe to talk to the writer of the book. He could get anything for himself, but he decides to give his special once in a lifetime cancer wish to her, even though they are not boyfriend/girlfriend, they have not had sex, they haven't even kissed yet.

Her doctor is the ugliest actor, so you know he's going to be the bad guy. He tells her that she can't take the trip in any possible way! She goes anyway (obviously).

In the generic romantic European country, the guy decides to use a tux (which all men love to wear... Not!) to take her to a very expensive dinner (which although he doesn't end up having to pay, he was more than happy to be able to pay for her!).

The author seems to be a reasonable guy, he tells them in other words that the book ended the way it should have ended, that her questions are stupid and that she's a spoiled brat/ narcissist (which is all true).

She gets sad, boy comforts her and tells her he could write a better ending then the author (no he couldn't, and if that's the case, why couldn't she? and why did they come in the first place?), they decide to go to Anne Frank's house. She's tired of going upstairs because of her lung cancer. When she's at the place where Anne Frank hid, she kisses the boy. Other tourists who were there clap for the blatant disrespect of Anne's suffering because they're Nazis(it's the only reasonable explanation). This clapping cheers them on to having sex.

At this point me and my girlfriend were discussing going out of the theater before the end, because it was so bad and cliché, but we stayed, just in case the end was amazing to make up for all this bulls...

They go back to America. Guy has cancer again and becomes depressed (He knew it before going to Europe, but only gets depressed about it now, w t f?!). In his depression he stops talking to girl (because romantic movies need a moment of sad separation which can always be easily resolved after some days by talking). He starts talking to girl again... about death. Girl writes eulogy for boy, and reads it to him. Boy dies, it's time for her to read eulogy (I'm thinking: she's obviously not going to read the same thing again, because that would be boring for the audience of the movie) and then she doesn't read it! (what?! who saw that coming except for everyone!?). She decides to say bland feel good lies in his funeral, instead of the truth, because she's a conformist narcissist coward.

Girl gets a paper that leg cancer boy wrote to her before he died. I barely remember, but it's some romantic BS. The end.

There's also a scene I don't remember exactly when in the movie that shows how deep does narcissism goes in the girl: She says that she knows that when she dies, her parents are not going to be able to do anything anymore, shrivel and die, because she's dead. Her parents are like: No, we aren't. Get over yourself.

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