Waste disposal methods to suit your home or office needs

Jun 29th 2015 at 3:32 AM

Waste disposal is among the world’s top pressing problems, owing to the increased emphasis on the need to prevent pollution. The whole world, even the most developed countries, seem to have one problem or another when it comes to dealing with solid waste. All homes and offices contribute solid waste, therefore the problem of waste management is one that everyone should take an equal part in resolving. Solid waste is usually either recycled or is destroyed in incinerators or landfills. Different businesses and home owners choose a method of handling solid waste based on their priorities for protecting the environment and also based on convenience.

There are five main ways to dispose of waste. One way, which has been used for millennia, is throwing away garbage. This is the least favoured approach by anyone who is conscious about environmental degradation. Millions of tonnes are thrown out every year and this results in a lot of useful land being buried under garbage. Yet the reason why this approach is still very popular is because it absolves most people of the responsibility of having to decide what to do with their garbage. If you are a restaurant owner for instance, all you have to do is to dump your garbage in a skip bin and the garbage truck will haul it away at the appointed time. If you live in Melbourne and your establishment produces a lot of garbage, instead of getting too many small bins, check online for skip hire, Melbourne to hire a skip bin for easier garbage management.

Another approach for waste disposal is using a garbage disposal. This approach is especially popular in homes, whereby organic waste in the kitchen is pulverised and let go down the drain as opposed to putting it in garbage bins. A third approach, that is also good with disposing organic waste, is composting. Composting involves using all biodegradable garbage, especially food scraps, to make compost manure. To compost, you have to dig a compost heap in your yard (or use a large container), and layer it with food waste and dry grass and then leave it to break down. Compost is very full of nutrients and is a better replacement for synthetic fertiliers. If you live in an urban or suburban setting, check for any composting restrictions as the smell could become a nuisance.

Recycling is the fourth garbage disposal alternative. Recycling means putting reusable items to use instead of throwing them away. Most items that are made of durable material such as paper, wood, plastic, or metal products can be recycled. Even finished products such as radios and computers can be stripped down to their components and the components used for different purposes. The last approach is incineration. This means that when the company for rubbish removal in Melbourne picks your garbage, instead of taking it to a landfill, they take it to an incinerator, where it’s burnt under high temperatures.

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