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7 months ago

Want to Create Wealth and Financial Freedom? Why You Absolutely Have to Work for Yourself

Jan 14th 2011 at 7:43 AM

Thinking of becoming an internet entrepreneur? We have all heard many people worry about (or we have complained ourselves) about not generating enough cash. We all would like to earn a massive income, but the reality of it is that most of us won't. Don't get me wrong, everyone has the ability and the natural potential to get rich. It doesn't take years of education, tons of training, a lot of smarts, or anything else of that nature. In reality, creating wealth is simply a matter of putting yourself in the position where you have unlimited earning power, and then doing what it takes to make it happen. See, most people do not ever get wealthy because they never put themselves in a position where they can make money without limits. Most people make cash at their job or career, and while they can get a raise, they are still limited because they trade time for income, and there is a limit to the amount of time we want to work.

Its a fact that over 33% of all self made millionaires are entrepreneurs who make a massive cash flow being in their own business. What makes working for yourself so conducive to building riches? Simply put, when you work for yourself you get paid based on your results, NOT your time. What is the difference? Well your time is limited, just as all of us have limited amounts of time that we can spend working. Results, on the other hand, are unlimited. In fact, as an entrepreneur you can continue to achieve bigger results and to earn more cash, all while working less and less. This is because when you work for yourself you can make use of the strength of having leverage.

wealthy people who earn a massive income surely use leverage. Leverage makes it easy to generate more with less. Rather than trading time and energy for cash flow, leverage lets you make use of the time, energy, ideas, experience, and talents of others. Think about any profit pulling organization, who is getting prosperous, the employees or the owner? The owner is the only one getting wealthy. Why? Because they are using leverage, making profits from their own efforts as well as the efforts of others. Using leverage is something that you will only be able to do when you work for yourself and get paid on results.

Are you afraid that you do not have what it takes to work for yourself? Well, you do. Anyone can start a simple online or home based business and have all of the benefits of self employment. What's great is that starting a internet home business can be done free, so nobody is really excluded. Even joining a free multi level marketing biz give you the opportunity to use leverage and generate a massive income because there is no limit to the amount you can earn. And you can start in your spare time while still remaining employed. This takes all the risk out of becoming an entrepreneur. You can do as I did and build your additional income in your spare time until it grows large enough and stable enough to replace your working cash flow.

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