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Walks Like a Duck!

Oct 21st 2010 at 2:15 PM

The Salesletter that “walks like a duck…”

My main concern here is all the lies on promotion pages, also known as squeeze pages, sales pages etc. that are conning unsuspecting people into their programs.  The salesletter that walks like a duck!  And Quacks just as loud and right in your face!!  Where is the conscience level of people like this?  I guess it is under their left foot!!  Another concern is we are learning the same tactics!!  We are learning to accept these types of tactics!   When newbies to Internet Marketing are the target it seems anything goes.  And you know what, It isn't even totally your (our) fault.  When you are new or just plain naive about some of this  (I will call it.....( 'stuff') are only replicating what other marketers with more experience are teaching.  Time for us to take responsibility!  Time to think outside of the 'Gurus Box'!!    Go to the warrior forum, read the comments on these software programs or other offers you are seeing where they are conning people into buying!   Too many sales pages are full of lies…so you need to be careful.  I am going to list a few lies we see everyday and Yes, we fall for it!!!~

Lie 1  'a sneaky',or 'secret' or 'never been seen before/underground'...... software tool (or whatever is being sold), that rakes in sums of up to $86,143 .08 in less than 30 days?  How about  $4597.76 in 24 hours?

Lie 2   You don’t need any technical experience….. a lot of people go for this because they do not have the technical skills nor the time it takes to learn them.

Lie 3  You don’t need any money to get started……. You will no doubt need a website!  Who is going to pay for domain cloaking or forwarding as many suggest be done, and hosting, not to mention all the other tactics you dont know about like advertising or leads?

Lie 4   You don’t need to sponsor or recruit!!  Really???

Lie 5   You don’t need to spend hours of your time each day to make any money. :)

Lie 6    there are only 300 or 234 or 11 or whatever the number is on the sales page available so you must act quickly!!  This is known as a sales tactic and in some circles is acceptable!  It is NOT.  It’s a little ploy to make you hurry up and buy but very poorly and distastefully done.


There are many sites and many more coming each day. I mean seriously, the only thing most are searching for is the right other words the right information and the steps or process to get there.  From where you are now to being in a better financial position.  If you have been failing or floundering from one program to the other does not mean you are a failure.  Heck, who can blame anyone for trying the cyclers and matrix programs and Gifting!  They are usually low cost and some even just a one time cost.  When TRUST becomes an issue and your dreams are REAL and  your wallet is LOW ON FUNDS who can lay blame?   And yes, some are not so good.....(probably the same bad boys we see selling what they call real tangible products that will make you filthy rich without lifting a finger or spending any money!)

The simple truth here is that the same people who are attacking these types of programs and telling you it just won't happen are the same ones selling you lies to get you to buy their products or formulas to success.  Like so many other programs  that promise you can start earning in a very short amount of time, it is very easy to get sucked into the expectation of making fast money. I mean, who doesn’t want money NOW?

Just look at what happened as we tried one of those promises:

I tried one of many software products being sold recently and here is what happened.  After 10 days of trying, and I mean hours each day doing exactly what I was being told to do, and exactly as all the videos showed for getting set up I still could not get the darn thing to work.  Parts worked but that was about it.  TAlk about frustrating and feeling dumber than dumb!!  The saddest thing is support was helping, a friend of the owner was trying to help, and this fellow who owns the site was really a Good Guy but it would seem he reduced his standards and was using the same 'Guru Inflated' tactics that so many others use.  Does his software work?  I believe it does but you do need a lot more knowledge than what is described to get started!  On a positive note, for my small investment I really learned a lot of useful information in the process.   It was not a total loss.

I saw so many people having the same issues as I was and some of these people were far more knowledgeable at this techie stuff than me!!  Another fellow had the 'jam' to say what he was really thinking and stand up for some of the really really new people to Internet anything!  Warrior Forum was also full of the same comments with people struggling.  The BIG problem was they claimed it was easy and only 7 clicks to set up.  Another I saw had you doing it in 13 clicks!  These are clever sites that suck the unsuspecting in!  There are no winners.

What really got me mad was seeing this poor fellow who was trying desperately to make some money to pay his credit card bills by Nov.  He was very new to marketing and seeing him and others just like that being targeted with so many is so sad and I felt very bad for this poor fellow.  At the time of writing this article I have seen 5 almost identical sites and they are all getting the same negative reaction.  I am just saying you know, a heads up can be a good thing.  Are some of them real?  Maybe........

Most if not all of this type of sales pitch may work...........but it will be very time consuming and intense to produce the kind of $$ they all talk about!  You really need to make yourself aware of what is coming into your in-box or being promoted by others to you.  Do your due diligence and check it out FIRST if you are tempted.  The truth is YOU CAN make money on the Internet so don't be quitting just yet!!

Remember, the Internet is full of lot's of Clutter and that is why we all need to be reminded of what is Real and what is most Important.  My friends this is a big freakin' "Houston, we have a problem!" kind of problem... so, Stay Aware!  There is nothing that is totally FREE!  NO NOTHING.  Remember domain names?   hosting?  leads or traffic?  One way or the other something is going to cost.  It does not have to be huge dollars, but know this!  Stop chasing the rainbow cause there is no pot of Totally Free or making 86,049.00 dollars in 24 hours at the end of the rainbow!!

With the Right Company & Opportunity Success is a Simple Equation

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Dec 8th 2010 at 5:41 PM by freesia60
I love a good rant... and agree with what you a relative newbie I have fallen for some of these sites...and now am very dubious about a lot of them but... HOW is a newbie meant to know whats ok or not ???? I also wrote a similar article to this - please have a look if you have the time. Well done
Nov 2nd 2010 at 2:20 PM by GTBulmer
Hello, Merry: Thank you for this insightful and informative article pointing out the lies that so many of us seem to accept in much of the sales material in Internet Marketing. We continue circulating it because that's what we think we should do, but I agree with you that concerned marketers need to start taking a stand. GT :-)

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