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2 years ago

Waking Up To Residuals

Sep 13th 2013 at 10:55 PM

There is no better feeling than waking up to residuals.

Getting an email from a company you're involved with, marketing & promoting, telling you that your efforts paid off - literally. There is no better feeling. This morning I woke up to residuals from people I don't even know. This is a feeling I want for other people, but they have to want it for themselves.

You see, there are So many people that sign up for an opportunity because they see another person making money with it. They don't really envision themselves making money though.

Before you can wake up to residuals you must put in the work. People want the money but they often do not want to do the work required to get it. Most people do not make the sacrifices required and so it does not matter who their sponsor is, who is in their upline - the bottom line is; YOU must do the work required to wake up to residuals.

Residual income is derived from work - often, work you will not be paid for on the front end that turns into income for work you didn't do, on the backend. That's the real beauty of being in this industry, having access to the kind of earning opportunities that big franchises offer; without having to invest franchise money.

For example, a mere $100 per month investment will put you in a business that you own and operate from the comfort of your home. Think about the cost to operate a Franchise like Subway - much more than $100 per month right?

However, the income potential actually can put an individual in position to earn franchise money. But let's just start with an extra $600 to $2500 per month. Would that be an ok start for you ... for a $100 per month business ... knowing that you're making a profit f $500, to $2400 every single month - and knowing you could potentially increase those monthly residual earnings as well?

You don't even have to answer the question.

I already know it's a YES.

So how do you get from wanting that, to actually GETTING that?

The answer is, training. The right 'sponsor' can help 'if' they're going to teach you, educate you, and train you. If you sign up with someone who's too busy to point you in the right direction, or share the education that helped THEM get to where they are - how will YOU ever get to where you want to be? ...  Waking up to residuals, spending your time as you see fit ...?

Naturally, they won't help you.

Also - be careful about signing up with sponsors who don't really know 'how' they got there - Luck does strike from 'time to time' in our industry - Some people inherit teams by sponsoring real leaders; and through those real leaders an organization grows. But when those real leaders move on, the Folks at the TOP sink to the bottom ... and soon no one hears anything from, or about them.

You don't want to follow that person - do you?

Of course not - who you follow, has a lot to do with where you'll end up.

Through TopNetworkersGroup we take YOUR training and your success seriously; our tools and systems that are already in place are like nothing else you'll find within our industry. By joining our team, you'll learn what to do - to wake up to residuals day in, and day out - while showing OTHER people how to do it too; that's when the magic happens.

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