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VP Bradshaw Leaves AddWallet

Aug 13th 2013 at 9:55 AM

News came in today that the Vice President of AddWallet (Brandon Bradshaw) has officially decided to "leave" AddWallet.  A month ago an “Advisory Council” appeared, telling affiliates that it would now be mainly responsible for communication between AddWallet and its affiliates.  Since then VP Brandon

Bradshaw has rarely been heard from, at least not until the announcement that he is leaving the program.  Will the AddWallet program's CEO "Coach" Blaine make an official announcement about this?  Well this remains to be seen, however social media postings by AddWallet affiliates suggest that the reason Bradshaw left was because he did "not want to relocate to South America".

It was just back in late March that Bradshaw reassured AddWallet affiliates (BehindMLM post) that, due to the programs headquarters relocating to Ecuador, it would not suffer the same "legal" fate as ZeekRewards.  The fact that AddWallet uses a close copy of the points revenue-sharing model that ZeekRewards used should cause concern by AddWallet affiliates.

Brandon Bradshaw’s announcement that he is "quitting" AddWallet does appear to be somewhat sudden unless you review the events that have happened in the last three months.  Following the shut-down of Liberty Reserve in May, AddWallet reportedly stop paying its affiliates and its daily revenue sharing ROI dropped, even though AddWallet never accept money from affiliates or pay them using Liberty Reserve.  But the fact that AddWallet’s problems started at the same time as the Liberty Reserve shut-down suggests that the program might have lost a great amount of funds at this time.

Of course AddWallet blamed the low daily earnings on DDOS attacks (sound familiar?) .  But despite the promises by the program owners that the daily ROI earnings would go back up, two and a half months later, the daily ROI earnings have only gotten worse.  Postings from AddWallet affiliates now state a large loss of Advertising Unit points (AU), withdraw payments that are months behind, and back office errors.

A month ago, AddWallet did try to sell to its affiliates a $2,000 “founder share” packages in an attempt to generate desperately needed cash back into the program, however it appears very few affiliates purchased these "founder shares".  Now AddWallet is alleging money losses from "illegal" affiliate activities and are hinting about a mandatory cut of affiliates AU points.

With AddWallet's history, so far, having all the same problems of most dying programs, including DDOS attacks, hacker reports, stolen funds reports, payment delays, moving away of direct communication between the program owners and its affiliates, and now the "bailing out" of key management personal, is the end near?

As an affiliate you must ask yourself if the leaving of VP Brandon Bradshaw is nothing more than a planned exit from a "dying" program, as it is now clear that the money entering AddWallet is not keeping up with the current withdraws that the program owes its affiliates.  Normally these type of problems would caused most programs to "shut down" leaving their affiliates holding the bag.  But for some reason AddWallet’s owners have decided instead on a long and drawn out draining of its affiliates AU point accounts and earnings, with the hopes of maybe drawing in additional unsuspecting new affiliate money.

Just My Opinion,
Philip Reitcheck

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