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Voice Broadcasting - What is it? How will it help my business?

Jan 26th 2011 at 11:18 AM

Voice broadcasting (VB) is a relatively new technology that delivers your recorded message directly to a telephone.  My first contact with VB was last year when I received a message on my answering machine from Hydro Quebec.  They had called me to let me know that the power would be cut off for a particular period of time while lines were being repaired.  I was a) impressed that they let me know in advance, b) curious about the way I was informed, c) realized how efficient this communication technique was.

In the beginning VB was available only to large corporations such as Hydro but it is now available to users both big and small.  Companies like LeadNet Pro and iBuzz  are amoung those making it readily available to the marketplace.  A new provider P.O.P. (Passive Online Profits) has just recently launched its service.

How does it work?

A database of phone numbers and contacts is essential.   They are uploaded into the VB software.  A message is recorded and uploaded into the system.  Here is an example a of a message (less than 60 secs) I am using.

"Hello, my name is Michael. and I'm calling to tell about a brand new way to boost your home business and online sales. I'm inviting you to listen to tonight's LIVE call to hear the exciting details for yourself.  Grab a pencil and write this down. -pause- The number is 712.432.3100 and the Conference Code is 181528.  I'll repeat that, he number is 712.432.3100 and the Conference Code is 181528.   You can call me at 201.467.4846 or visit my site www.myPOPmeansBiz.com for more information.

To be removed from this list Press 8"

Once the message is uploaded it is scheduled for distribution.  To call 20,000 numbers and deliver the message will take approximately 2 hours.  Complete call stats are recorded for the campaign.

How much does it cost?

It depends on what service you use but the system I use costs $500.00 (one time payment and no monthly fees).  To send messages there is a cost to cover line charges.  Again depending on the provider it varies.  LeadNet Pro charges about 3 cents/minute.  The P.O.P. system I use is less than penny/minute (0.9/min).  Again using an example of 20,000 calls that is about $180 for the broadcast.

Where do I get 20,000 targeted phone numbers?

Leads that include phone numbers can be purchased form a variety of sources, however they are the same leads everyone else is buying and they are not targeted. An effective VB must go to targeted numbers: businesses and people interested in your product or service.  The product I'm using includes Lead Scraper software.  I enter keywords that are relevant to the market sector I want to reach and choose from a list of search engine and let it run.  Within a few hours I have thousands of leads with phone numbers and email addresses.  I use these targeted leads to get results and grow my business.  The emails and phone numbers scrapped from the web are legal to use.  They are collected from the "contact us" areas on websites and blogs.

Voice broadcasting can be integrated into any online business.  Using targeted leads it has proven to be extremely effective.

Not only is VB a great tool for marketing it has other applications as well.  The Hydro example I mentioned at the top of this article is but one of them.  Institutions are using VB technology for communications. Examples: a private school uses VB to keep parents informed about upcoming events.  Fund raisers are using VB for major fund raising campaigns.  The possibilities are endless.

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