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3 years ago

Virtual Landlords And Tenants Required.

Apr 10th 2012 at 6:04 AM

Home » About Us About Virtual Properties. The significant shift that has taken place in social relationships over the past few years is all about VIRTUAL interaction. Starting with telephone chats, progressing to instant messaging, continuing with texting and video chat… It is clear that people of all ages LOVE to communicate using technology that enables VIRTUAL and continuous social contact! Joining the Virtual Properties Community not only provides you with a new technology for interacting and communicating, but it allows you to enjoy interaction with others that share your passions, your vision, and your desire to create your own success in the new online marketplace. This is not about paying real money for virtual buildings at all. It’s about being part of a REAL COMMUNITY that shares your interests and that can help you achieve REAL success and very REAL profits that you haven’t realized until now! The “buildings” we buy, and the “apartments” we rent are of course just symbols, like placeholders if you like, of our growth and progress as we learn the VERY REAL skills of marketing and managing our online resources. As a part of the REAL COMMUNITY of Virtual Properties, you will learn from others how to become a proud, responsible, and profitable entrepreneur. But there’s more… Many of us understand completely that our reality is a manifestation of our beliefs. Perhaps you’ve heard the concept expressed this way by Napoleon Hill, “Whatever your mind can conceive and believe it can achieve!” Some Community Members of Virtual Properties might treat their “pretend” properties just a bit too much as if they are real properties, going so far as to hang an original Matisse in the foyer, or park a Ferrari 458 in the four car garage, or a Ferretti 881 on their virtual dock! If we can make our dreams a little more tangible, bring our aspirations for ourselves and our families just a little closer so we can touch them, see them, and feel them as we share with our Community… Don’t we get a little closer to achieving them? Don’t underestimate the REAL VALUE of these virtual “placeholders” as you work toward your success! What you can conceive and believe, you CAN achieve with the help of our Community and of Virtual Properties. There is REAL VALUE in joining the Virtual Properties Community. Beyond the REAL rent money, beyond the REAL relationships and business connections, beyond the extended profits you’ll see as the Virtual Properties environment expands and develops, the most important and profound value of belonging to Virtual Properties is the support of the Community and the affirmation of your belief in YOU and your ability to prosper and reach the abundance of life you want and deserve. Come to understand the REAL VALUE of Virtual Properties!

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