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Jan 5th 2011 at 10:16 PM

There are many newcomers to the world of Internet/Network Marketing. Hopefully this will help them and the seasoned veterans!

Here are some QUICK TIPS on How to Effectively Use Traffic Exchanges as Promotion Resources to Drive traffic to your website and ultimately to make you money.

1) Take advantage of the FREE services & credits available at a traffic exchange. Check out the site, see how "smooth the surf is", if you get what seems to be malicious "popups", etc... Obviously, If you don't enjoy surfing the site because of "technical glitches & such" then you won't ever want to upgrade or to use it frequently.

2) Research & compare the features & benefits of all the sites your join. You may prefer to only surf sites that offer 1:1 surf ratio, yet, you may come across a site that offers 2:1 also paying cash commissions... DO YOUR RESEARCH!

3) Utilize tracking tools to figure out where your "hits" are coming from... then concentrate a handful of these sites you have proven to perform for you & SURF THEM REGULARLY!! (Daily if possible)

4) Get yourself on some kind of "surf schedule". Surf "X" number of sites at "site abc"...(( remember, open multiple browser tabs & surf 3-7 sites simultaneously!! )) even if you need to break it up to 20 views at a sitting 5 times per day ..... Whatever, just make the time, you will be glad you did!

5) Promote only ONE URL at a time!! YES, you heard me correctly! ONE! Here's my theory, which has been tested and proven by many close friends of mine....

Lets say you have 1000 credits and 4 urls and allocate 250 hits to each url.
You will only get 250 visits to each of those 4 sites... NOT nearly enough to be considered high volume or high quality traffic. Consider this, it takes an average of approximately 8 visits by the same individual before they might actually click onto your site to VIEW for information or register... Spreading your credits too thin will not allow for sufficient quantity & uniqueness of views to your websites in rotation!!

Try my "Traffic Exchange Usage Tips" Faithfully for 2 months. Monitor your results weekly or daily and be persistent.
Keep to your new traffic exchange surf routine and let the results you see be all the proof you need! :)

Happy surfing and Good luck to you!

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Nov 16th 2011 at 3:35 AM by hayusd
absolute. cảm ơn các bạn! Mình chưa lần nào dăng ký được tài khoản Adsense . viết của bạn thật tuyệt ! Mình rất vui được kết bạn và chia sẻ kiến thức với tất cả các bạn. Đây là blog của mình nếu các bạn thích những bài viết của mình bạn đăng nhận xét cho mình nhé.
Jan 6th 2011 at 7:06 AM by greatsuccess
HI. Thanks fredds, you comment and writing showed you who really you're.
Jan 6th 2011 at 6:56 AM by fredds
Oops, I forgot to mention about the URL rotator. The rotator may have many URL's rotating within it but the traffic exchange, if you will, regards this rotator URL the same way it regards a URL with just one site - and gives it same level of visibility as a URL with just one site.
Jan 6th 2011 at 6:44 AM by fredds
Well, quite a number of traffic exchanges treat the same URL submitted a couple of times as a "different" URL. Provided a URL has credits assigned to it, it generally has equal chances of being seen across the the traffic exchange by surfers. Now, what I was saying was that if the same URL is submitted more than once, say 4 or more times, and it has those many credits that I mentioned earlier (2500 or more), the visibility of the URL increases 4 or more times thereby potentially increasing sales/conversions by 4 or more times. This is a tactic that some of the top traffic exchange users such as Tony Tezak use and it has delivered fabulous results for them.
Jan 6th 2011 at 5:42 AM by greatsuccess
I guess it does not matter, the point is that the same url to get the number of hits to the maximum extent possible. So what about the rotator? does not matter if only differ in the capture pages but are promoting the same program. how do you think?
Jan 6th 2011 at 5:10 AM by fredds
Fantastic tips. Just a comment about tip number 5: While I agree with having to promote only one URL at a time, I would suggest if you have a lot of credits (in this example you used 1000 credits) for example 10,000 or more - sounds unbelievable but there are some individuals using traffic exchanges who have generated thousands and thousands of credits; this is especially so with those who have built huge downlines. I have seen this at Webbizinsider traffic exchange.... continuing with what I was saying: You could enter the same URL a couple of times, say 4 times, and assign, as per our example 2500 or more credits to each. This will rev up your sales/conversions. Or what do you think greatsuccess? Do let me know what you think. Overall, your article deserves a big thumbs up.

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